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Simple Experiment or Research Study!

Well having seen few post on here about LUNGs not many people know you have TWO breathing process (1) is mechanical (2) biological.

The fist is NOT what my Experiment Research Study Is about.

We are talking about the biological side of lung function breathing and breathlessness o and smoking well as it involves co2

Thus far following on from my smoking post lung disease .. am very interested in workings of metabolic side of breathing lung function.

WE will call it my kick ass study :) But firstly I must DISCLOSE my self interest " particular as my lungs mechanical side " are bushed to be polite.

It's a very simple STUDY RESEARCH that anyone can do well providing your not on oxygen as that complicates things.

To lucozade or not to lucozade that is the question .. some say it dose nothing to help after excersise BUT mainly they would be fit and well people who say that.

Anyway the biological side of breathing involves few process one is co2 and the other is glucose WELL what about that .. The other is a process called oxygen debt and or recovery THE Kick Ass factor.

So my simple question to the lung diseased WITH what I call my KICK ASS STUDY that is appropriately named given oxygen debt / recovery process.

Dose a swig of lucozade help whan you have exercised or are breathless from doing something.

From what we know from smokers and co2 and oxygen debt recover process it should why else do smokers run of for a fag.

I shall let you ponder that smokers v none smokers lung function addiction breathing processes !

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