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I went to the dr for sob sent me to a cardiologist said i had extra heartbeats went to the hospital did a echocardiogram was good even had a heart catherization done said the heart was great said it was my hiatal hernia mimicing theheart now the surgeon said it is not my hernia maybe my lungs. I get very short breathed on hills or steps etc I have an o2 thing and it seems everytime i get out of breath i do a o2 check well, my o2 is always 97 or better but my heart rate goes to as high as 120 beats help I have spent a fortune and have seen so many drs only left is a lung test this tues at my drs office. thank you all

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  • It can all get a bit confusing sometimes mommom4099 so I hope your test on Tuesday will shed some light on things for you. Nice to hear from you and let us know how it all goes.

    Take care xxxxx

  • thank you I will. i was in the hospital twice for 4 days both times still have not fixedthe problem however I did get a blood clot on my wrist where the cath was done figures my luck right

  • Hello Mommon. It is sooooo frustrating when we have tests that come up with normal results but we don't FEEL normal. And it is tricky because the doctors sometimes present these results as good news and expect us to be grateful. And if we are not we are made to feel that we are hypochondriacs and fuss pots. Infuriating. There are several conditions that you could have with a healthy heart and normal oxygen sats. I am surprised that your doctor has not already done simple lung tests at the GP practice. Sorry, just re-read your post: your test on Tuesday is at the GPs isn't it? I expect that will be Spirometry? That test can reveal quite a lot. Especially if they do a reversibility test. That involves doing the test once, and then repeating it twenty minutes later after a dose of Salbutamol to open up the airways. I hope it all goes well. I am a great believer in patients knowing their own bodies. And if we know that something is wrong then we should be listened to.

    All the best and we shall be looking to hearing from you on Tuesday about it.

    K xxxx

  • first said it was my heart di the catherization not the heart so the next dr said my hiatal hernia 2 drs said that sent me to a surgeon he said no must be my lungs my primary dr sai maybe astma, but i do not cough at all. but hes doing a lung test on tues. I get really out of breath climbing steps or even the slightest inclineso i used my finger 02 thing says my 02 lels is always at least 96 but my heart rate goes nuts it will jump to 120 or more only while i am out of breath . I am so glad to talk to peoplewith this problem I dont smoke or drink crazy isnt it the drs make you eel like you are nuts

  • Hope you get some answers soon - good luck for Tuesday

  • If you have or suspect hiatal hernia/copd/sob etc you might want to read HIATAL HERNIA SYNDROME BY THEODORE BAROODY. I got in at Amazon for about 12$ US. I also have tried chiropractic and acupuncture for my symptoms. All helpful.Still have some breathing problems but believe some is due to hernia and anxiety.

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