When I was diagnosed in the UK with copd the nurse said I had the lungs of a 98yr old I've since moved to Spain and after seeing my GP here he referred me to see a pulmonologist I've had a cat scan and spirometry tests the conclusion is I havnt got copd but bronchial asthma , by the way the consultant changed my meds a couple of months ago and since then I've had no wheezing no coughing and no shortness of breath very happy lady but confused!!!!

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  • Brilliant news, must be the sunshine helping, do you think it's made a difference, moving to Spain?

  • Yes it has made a difference being away from the damp

  • Now that's a good twist to your story, happy for you jeanie, better be confused than sick anyway ;)

  • Thanks so much and I couldn't agree more😎😎

  • Omg how confusing for you. I don't know if you are aware but there is also an asthma site on HU which might be able to help as well. x

  • Thanks will look it up x

  • It is confusing, what lung age have you been given now? I have heard that the care for c.o.p.d. patients is excellent in Spain, I hope you have settled in nicely 😁 huff xxx

  • Hi I've not been given a lung age and I'm settling in nicely though I do have bouts of homesickness but early hubby says if I want to go back to UK I'll have to go on my home...erm that could be arranged lol

  • Did they mean Bronchitis, when they diagnosed you originally because, I think that just being told you have COPD confuses things. They should just say what you have is: Emphysema, Bronchitis...

    No matter though Jeanie, it's great news. xx

  • Thanks Casper I wasn't told in the UK but I'm feeling good which is the main thing x

  • That's great news - pity you were given the wrong diagnosis in the UK. Onwards and upwards now - good luck and all best wishes x

  • Thankyou best wishes to you too x

  • That is great news, lucky you.

    Take care

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