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Had My Check Up On Thurs With The Respiratory sister, re joining the exercise class, well hahaha, she won't accept me, she says I am too well. Couldn't do spirometry test due to recent retina surgery, so did peak flow meter and blew 420. Oxygen sat is 99%. B.P normal. Pulse normal. She sent me home with a book on COPD and said do the exercises in the book and I will see you in 6 mths. Left there feeling awesome and glad to be alive. I have changed my diet, quit smoking 6 weeks ago and keeping very active. 😊 😊 xxx

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  • Well done! Nothing wrong with enjoying your life.

    Have fun and stay well!

  • Thank you. I am determined that this will not bring me down. 😄

  • Brilliant! Always good to hear good news :)

  • Great news! Your must be over the moon. Keep well, and enjoy the summer. xxx

  • It's winter here in Australia 😀 very cold but I don't mind. I like to snuggle up in a fur blanket and watch movies at night 😆

  • Good news for you...carry on doing what your doing xx

  • Sure will I hope and pray that I won't stumble and fall.

  • Aren't you the lucky one ?

  • ?. I don't know about that. I have M.S also and recurring retina detachments from blowing the spirometry. So if god's cutting me a bit of slack with the copd then that's something to cheer about.

  • Sorry D ! I was just being flippant because sometimes that seems to be the only way to cope with the ongoing problems with chronic illness. So to clarify, I'm very happy for you that your lung function and 02 says are high. You obviously have more then enough to cope with, so I do hope that you are at least spared COPD. Take care of yourself and stay as well as possible.

  • Thankyou. Yes I agree, living with this horrid disease is hard for all of us, and I am grateful that I am still in good shape. I am a very determined person and I don't bow down to anything. Try and stay well yourself, deep breathing from the belly is good. Xxx

  • I am only mild and got into a PR course without question. It helps educate you about the illness and to stay well also, so maybe you should try again. x

  • Great positive news!😁 keep on not smoking, exercising and eating nutritious food and you should carry on feeling well! Good for you ditowler ! Stay warm and cosy, huff xxx

  • That's great news hope you get on OK with the exercises in the book Barbs x

  • That's amazing news - carry on with the winning formula x

  • That's great news.

  • Well done! How good to be denied PR through being too well. Keep it up and congratulations on the no smoking. We know how hard it is - just count the monies:-)

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