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I'm a great fan (and supporter) of HealthUnlocked. It serves a valuable service for both entertainment and information at the same it creates an environment of companionable support. That's why it saddens me to see it seems to be lending itself to the seeping privatisation of the NHS. Playing host to a commercial organisation for the purpose of gathering information on a prescribed medication. Please tell me I'm mistaken.

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If you are referring to the recent survey it was done on behalf of NHS Choice.

The only commercial aspect was the use of new technology.

The add on / app is supplied by UseZoom Surveys is just a tool for mobile surveys.


I feel you are mistaken edwardo and Stone makes a good point. Take care xxxx

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The NHS depends on commercial organisations and business to provide equipment, medication, software, uniforms, food, heating, lighting, gas, building services and so almost endless list...

So when we get asked how we feel about the medications and their efficacy we should be glad the system works this way.

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Okay, accept the dependence point. However........

As you may have guessed I have a particular hatred of the creeping commercialisation/privatisation of the NHS. It focuses mainly on "services".

I recently had to transfer between hospitals. The ambulance was provided by G4S. I was asked to enter by the sliding side door because "the back is jammed". The attendant held the sliding back in position and cheerfully told me that catch was broken and if he let it go it would chop me in half. What the hell is a proven ill-managed security organisation doing providing front-line health care? And now I learn that Virgin Health is moving deeper into the NHS. Another typical example was revealed recently when Boots was investigated by a national newspaper.

The profits and dividends derived by the private sector in providing these products and services do not go back into a NHS so sorely under funded.


I do not think it is about closing NHS more of speaking to the people with the conditions they are looking to develop a fix for?


I'm not talking about closing, Offcut, I'm talking about commercial organisations ripping off the NHS for profit. Read only today hat the boss of Boots has had to resign largely due to the revelations of our Boots had been exploiting their position. I moved my selected pharmacy for prescription service from Boots to a local, independent pharmacy after I'd read what Boots had been up to.


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