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Chicken in the eadlights, I must have been stressed lol it should have been rabbit in the headlights x

Hi everyone thank you all for your very knowledgeable insight i really appreciated it thanks again. I have called to see my GP receptionist and she kindly gave me a print out of my ct scan results its a little long winded but here goes;

unenhanced Helix from the carina to the lung bases, peripherally in the lingula segment of the left upper lobe is demonstrated bronchiectasis with some of the dilated bronchi containing fluid. minor associated parenchymal stranding. similar but less marked findings are also demonstrated in the medial segment of the right middle lobe. conclusion bronchiectasis with inflamatory stranding.

So is this a short term issue or will it get worse?

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  • So glad you got the written report. I am a great believer in knowing everything. I don't have Bronchiectasis but there are many here who and they will fill you in. I do know that many of them have had it for years. It is unpleasant but they seem to manage it. Causes lots of coughing and hinge? (Shut up, Kate, what do you know?)

    Take care and get all the help you can.


    Kate xxxx

  • Sorry, damn typos from predictive text. Hinge? Where the hell did that come from. Gunge. Of course. And there's a 'do' missing earlier.

    K x

  • Thanks. Often post something that doesn't makes sense and then didn't know how to change it.

    K xxx

  • Sorry Kate, bot what is hinge? I'm new to all this.

  • Good evening Steve. I had meant to write "gunge" as in nasty stuff that you cough up with Bronchiectasis but my iPhone would insist on predicting "hinge" instead. These devices think they can read your mind. And then they just make it up.

    Hanne has told me how to edit when this happens after you post.

    So, sorry, nothing esoteric and interesting, just a typo.

    K xx

  • Hi. It's good to see the funny side of life, and I think hinge is a much nicer word than grunge. So hinge it is from now on. Maybe our phones are smarter than we think!

  • I meant grunge not grunge. Maybe my iPad is a Nirvana fan

  • Hellfire ....GUNGE

  • Hi - I do have bronchiectasis in both lungs and this was confirmed by a high resolution CT scan as well as the usual respiratory function tests. My understanding is that it is not reversible but by making sure that mucous does not collect in your lungs (it is a welcome 'mat' for any bugs going around), keeping as fit as you can and eating a sensible diet you can make lead a fairly normal life. I think I am luckier than many because when I am well I don't think about it much but when an exacerbation kicks off I become ill very quickly and it takes ages, weeks or even months, to recover. Everyone is different and I am usually well in the warmer months and more likely to have problems in the colder months. Hope you have a supportive GP practice and good respiratory consultant; ideally a consultant who knows about non CF bronchiectasis. Also, if this has not been suggested to you, ask to be referred to a pulmonary rehabilitation course, many people on this site have done a course and I can't remember anyone saying anything negative about doing it and lots of very positive comments.

  • Where the talk about Bronchiectasis think they mean Traction Bronchiectasis guess the might do follow ups as to check it's not active pulmonary fibrosis.

  • Hi. I have Bronchiectasis. As far as I can see, the main thing is it makes me more prone to chest infections. Avoid people who are unwell if you can. One of the forum members posted a link to a patient information leaflet written by a Scottish health authority. It was very easy to understand so it might be worth doing a search. I will try and find it if I can. Take care.

  • Christ! No idea. But I'm waiting for a ct scan re bronchiectasis and I hope the hospital will explain!

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