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Prednisolone emails and popups

Hi everyone,

There has been some confusion and some concerns over emails / popups sent by HealthUnlocked regarding a survey about prenisolone with some users worrying that it was a scam and that HealthUnlocked was hacked. This was not the case!

HealthUnlocked is helping the NHS Choices website get feedback on editorial content about prednisolone. The technology that the NHS is using means that there needs to be an installation to make the survey work. I understand the installation makes the process more time consuming and complicated. We really appreciated everyone who tried or considered taking part.

Please be assured that emails from @healthunlocked or @email.healthunlocked are genuine. And so are the pop ups!

I also know that some users who have opted out of emails from us regarding surveys and research etc. were unhappy that they still saw a pop-up about this when accessing our site. Unfortunately, whilst users can opt-out of emails, they can't (at this time) opt out of pop-ups (as mentioned here: )

I realise that this is really inconvenient, and can only apologise. A pop-up should only show up once per user, per browser/ device used. I hope this clears up any upset or misunderstandings and we are very sorry to have caused users concerns about their online safety.

Let me know if you have any more questions! As always, you are very welcome to get in touch via our Help Centre:

Best wishes,

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I am willing to do the survey, but I could not get on to the questions....I pressed "Install" but nothing happened.


Hi Louisiana,

I will send you a PM to discuss this!


Me personally I don't mind researches as like you rightly say it keeps content relevant to peoples symptoms conditions.

If being ill can help other's even our kids in the future I say bring it on.

For far to long medicine as been in realms of establishment with the nonsensical words .. I would go further and say think the suffer from a form of logorrhea or logorrhoea.

Am all for medical profession being strait and using words phrases that are clear and easy to understand and not meant to deceive.

So I would say platforms like this that help break down barriers WELL am all for.

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Perhaps this is the best way, Vesa? To put up a post with a link for anyone who wishes to do the survey.


Hi Toci,

The reason we send surveys and pop-ups for this kind of thing is to ensure that all users see them. If we simply wrote a post, it is possible that the post would quickly be buried under lots of other posts, and if users are absent from the site for a few days they may miss it.

Another reason is that we like to keep track of how many users choose to answer surveys, because it lets us know which surveys our users consider useful and relevant. This means we can focus our attentions on these in the future, and hopefully make our site as useful and relevant as possible.

I think writing a post to inform users of the survey alongside emails and pop-ups might be an excellent idea though, and would stop confusion like the one caused by this survey!

Thank you for your insight and thoughts.

Best wishes,


Thanks, Vesa, points noted.

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Thanks Vesa. X


I got an e-mail which was fine & clicked on the link but it took me nowhere, just an error message which is why I got jittery that it was something malicious.


I would have been pleased to complete survey but, like many people was unable to download it.


It would have been better if you had put up a post at the start explaining this.Or better still, a statement on the main page, thus making it official.

Folk could then have simply pointed anyone concerned to your official statement and been reassured This needed to have been better planned and implemented , rather then just dumped on us with no warnings.Especially wwith everyone being far more alert about hacking etc nowadays.


So, if we ignored it thinking it was spam, how do we now respond to it should we wish to?


Hi soulsaver,

I will private message you a link to respond to the survey.


Hi Vesa, I am looking for answers as to whether my dad's impaired speech and deteriorating condition could be linked to prednisone and methotrexate injections for RA, as they started soon after. I would love to at least see what questions are in this survey even if I can't participate. Could I possibly please view the survey?


Hi Maygal,

I have private messaged you.


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