Is anyones COPD worse at certain times of the year?

Morning everyone,

My mums breathing has really improved over the past few days - whether it's as a result of the Salt Cave visit, her medications kicking in or a change in the weather I don't know, but she can certainly walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, walk around the supermarket at ease - albeit at a slow pace and walk to my house, which is next door, without gasping for breath.

She had breathing problems around Winter/Spring last year (a year before her diagnosis) and the GP treated her for a severe chest infection and after a few weeks it cleared fully, then she was okay again until the beginning of this year when the breathing problems returned - resulting her being hospitalised and being diagnosed with emphysema and minor fibrosis of the lungs.

She has her first appointment with the respiratory clinic next week, which i'm guessing is PR and to sort out her medications, then she has a further appointment in a few weeks time at the respiratory laboratory?? I don't know what this is for - any ideas? It's scheduled for 25 minutes and she's not allowed to take her medications before? Would it be a spirometry test?

Does anyone else's symptoms get worse at certain times of the year? Could COPD be aggravated by an allergy?

Have a good day all

Julie :)

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Where are the salt caves Id like to try, my breathing has been worse than ever since we moved to the new house. Im allergic to dust and sawdust, its like Im breathing it in constantly, the house is being renovated. To me it smells musty, Im sneezing like crazy taking OC allergy meds, using my puffers more than ever. Yes from my experience allergies do impede your breathing. I might have to use my BREO soon to help my breathing.

I have heard that there are some In Germany near Salzburg, but I don't know anyone who has been there.

maybe jforbes will reply and tell us where these caves are. Germany is a long way away.

I live in the USA but will be going to Italy in July. However, it might not be that beneficial to do a salt cave while on vacation so might see if there are any near Salt Lake City, Utah. If you find one and try it in the UK, let us know about it.

I doubt we have anything that healthy left in Canada we have pretty much destroyed mother nature with all the buildings and condos and stuff

The one my mum and I went to was in Earlsfield in London. They have a few scattered around the country. Google 'Salt Caves' and the link will come up. Groupon are doing a deal on them at the moment - 2 sessions for £24 when they're normally £35 each. First session is free though :)

well thats a good deal if you live in the UK I guess dont know pounds just cdn dollars so it would cost me over 1000.00 to see those caves LOL. unless its a cure :)

Hi JForbes26, I have copd and there are definitely some things that aggravate symptoms; cold weather affects my breathing so going out in the winter for any reason means a scarf around my mouth and nose to avoid breathing in cold air. Things such as sprays (eg deodorant/hairspray/room sprays etc.) and anything with a strong smell such as perfume/aftershave or cleaning products aggravate my airways - dusty atmospheres same thing. I also have asthma so suppose some of this could be caused by that but, in the copd info pack that my respiratory nurse gave me all of the above are mentioned as things that can affect someone with copd. Might be an idea to ask for one of these packs but in the meantime, here is a link to similar type info from the NHS:

Hope that helps :)

J:) x

My husband was told my his consultant that 40% of COPD patients have an asthma element. Last year my husband developed hay fever and started to take an antihistamine which really seemed to help his breathing too - the consultant suggested he continued taking it. As for his breathing literally it change on a daily basis - today there is a lot of cloud and rain and his breathing is not good. The air pressure affects him immediately. I think COPD can be a very personal illness and what triggers worsening of symptoms for some may not for others. Your Mum is lucky to have you! Take good care xxx

Not only is it different at different times of the year it can be different from the morning to the evening. I rarely get a few days the same .

It sounds like she could be having a lung function test. I had one some weeks ago

nothing to worry about.

There are 8 salt cave's in the UK, new one opened recently in the west midlands. Check out Salt cave really helps

Hi Julie I've had COPD for 8 years the weather does not help if it's cold or damp there is a opera that's for lung damage where they take way bad tissue and will help I'm going to Go next week to see if he can send me to a clinic so they can see if I'm suitable for it look at the site https/ you/copd/treatment/surgey this might help I only found out yesterday that my old friend had this surgery a few weeks ago a she is a lot better I don't think I'm as bad as your mum as I go to work as a housekeeper for the homeless I swim 2miles 5 days a week put that dose not matter every one is different the world would not be shot place if we are all the same please reply I'd love to hear from you and your mum

Summer time is best for me ,I hate winter cold makes me breathless also when it's windy and then u have central heating ,most people enjoy being all cosy during the winter months at home I don't with having sinus trouble too ,☀️😃 x

Good morning Julie,

Sounds like it is and maybe the 6 min. walking test too. Good news that your Mum is more mobile now. That must be a load of both your minds. It is likely that weather conditions, pollen count, lots of things to take into consideration that may aggravate the copd. She will be in the best place to get answers to her questions next week. Tell her to write her questions down so she won't forget and wish her the very best from me. You are a good Daughter Julie.


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