I am actually going to Rehabilitation in September, that is the earliest they could get me in, but I have heard that it helps a lot. I am exercising twice a week at classes nearby, and although I am always out of breath, I do enjoy it. I hope also that I can have a holiday in a few months, but I will have to find out first. Does anyone with this disease actually go away? I do miss my holidays ha! ha! Thank you for replying as it does help to talk.

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  • Hi you don't say what disease you have I have COPD and a small showing of bronchiectasis. The PR classes are very helpful. And you will learn a lot from them. I go away on holiday all the time. Everyone is different. It is really up to you what you can manage. But I try not to let my COPD rule my life. I also have very bad arthritis but try to exercise as much as I can. Xx

  • Hi, the disease is IPF. I will manage it, it is because I knew nothing about it and wanted advice. I am more positive now and the exercises help. Thank you so much, have a good day x

  • Hi how did you get into rehabilitation when I need that to get of diazepam tablets because l have know back up are you going under nhs best of luck

    Camilla 1

  • Breathless

  • Good morning Camilla, Under NHS through my Consultant and GP. Please go. I had to fight.

    Take care and let me know how you get on.


  • Whoa, well done!

    Keep exercising, exercise, unless you have heart disease, never npmakes things worse and your current exercise class will put you in a good place for PR when you get there.

    Remember, all the best athletes are breathless after they have exerted themselves-it is the body's natural response! Keep going.


  • Hi Polly, thank you. I do love the exercises, although I am breathless all the time, even at home whenever I exert myself. I do not have heart problems which is good. I am more positive now and will keep going!


  • Hi Maggie,

    Aaaah, being breathless I know can feel scary, but with purse lip breathing and the knowledge that the breathlessness will subside.........we keep calm and carry on eh?

    And I dont know anyone with lung disease who doesn't get breathless 😉

    Hope your day is wonderful


  • Hi what excersises are you doing like to know more about this

    Camilla 1

  • Hi Camilla, do you have a local respiratory exercise class? If you do you can be referred to the class.

    I exercise at home. Yoga one day, circuit type exercises the next day inc. sit to stand, working with some light weights etc. All of them learnt at PR when I went some years ago.

    Today as the weather has been good, the. I walked 4500 steps in the countryside.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Polly, yes it's about being positive. I just wanted to hear something about the disease. I now know more so hopefully I can carry on.

    Have a good day

  • Hi try the BLF website for Breathe easy groups in your area.. A good way of meeting people with the same conditions as you take care x

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