Is it a side effect of meds? Or or a chest infection caused by them? What do I do?

Can anybody tell me wether I should start my rescue pack please?

My cough has got progressively worse over the past few weeks.

When I saw my practice nurse and mentioned I was bringing up gunk,she seemed to think that was a good thing,said its the new inhaler,and that I should get it up and out.

But now I'm not so sure.

Everyday I'm coughing,bringing up green gunk.

When I look at side effects of my meds the side effects can include pneumonia,upper respiratory infection.etc


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  • Hi I started new inhaler and got nasty infection .. Practice nurses just chew grits and experts at saying NEXT

    Coughs that are constant can be infection ... I would just take your antibiotics spring is when all new germs are imported to country THATs international travel for us

  • It sounds like an infection if what you are coughing up is green. Perhaps you should take a sputum test into the Doctor to get it tested. If I was you I would be starting that recue pack or get to see the Doc tonight or tomorrow.

    Hope you get it sorted soon

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hi I agree with Polly. Usually coloured phlegm is a sign of a chest infection so start your rescue pack asap. x

  • Take them straight away, you know your own body. Yes you should get the gunk off your lungs but i shouldn't be green.

    Kim x

  • I would start your rescue pack if you are bringing up more phlegm than usual and it is green. Do you have a sample bottle to hand in a sputum sample or a community resp team you could phone for advice. I have to phone mine if I get symptoms you are showing. Do you have an oximeter to take your O2 level. X

  • Hi nottobad.

    My gp has never asked or done a sputum test in the 6 years since I was diagnosed.

    And there is nobody to phone,apart from the surgery,and you never get to speak to the doc.

    I've started my rescue meds now,so hoping to start to feel better in a couple of days.

    I'm just concerned that it's possible it could be my new meds that has caused it.if that's the case,it won't clear up will it?


  • Hi fantasy3 I am on the same inhaler dose 92/22 and have had no side effects I know it depends on what part of the country you live in to what treatment you get. Witch is not right. But the treatment you are getting is shocking. I am glad you have started your rescue pack. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thank you.

    I'm on the higher dose one.

    Which they say in their patient info leaflet is not suitable for people with copd!😕

    But the practice nurse said I would be OK on it.

    I must admit my breathing has improved since being on it.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Don't know what I would do without this site.

  • Hi Fantasy, that cough sounds nasty!

    Am glad you've started your rescue meds. If i were you - and I know I'm not - I'd make an appt to see your GP when you've finished them, get a sputum test done then to check you're clear of infection, and discuss your new inhaler. If you don't want to wait till then, couldn't you at least speak to GP for advice? Or the pharmacist?? All surgeries seem to have different ways of working, or of keeping patients away from doctors. Or that's how it feels.

    If you don't start to feel better after a couple of days, get help Fantasy. And let us know! Sue x

  • I am almost certain that it is NOT your new meds! Keep up with the antibiotics - they may take four or five days to make a difference!!

  • Hi ericwood992.

    Funny you should say that,because I've just got off the phone to my practice nurse.

    She says it's not my meds.keep using them.

    She would have preferred it if I had not started my antibiotics as she could have listened to my chest,but to continue to take them.

    But unless I feel my chest getting worse,not to take steroids.for now.

    Thank you though.


  • Dont forget to renew the rescue pack,.

  • I won't redted.

    Thank you.


  • You should get a new sterile sputum pot with each replacement Rescue Pack.

  • Never had a sputum pot.never done a sputum test.

    But thank you.


  • Hi fantasy3 I am no expert but I have always been told if my mucus changes colour to use my rescue pack I always check with gp aswell hope you feel better soon

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