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Salt Caves

Morning all,

I hope everyone is well this morning. After searching the internet to see if there were maybe any alternative therapies I could get my mum to try, I came across 'Salt Caves'. Has anyone heard of them or used them? They are supposed to help with asthma, COPD, allergies etc and are said to be quite effective.

I have booked my mum in for a free taster session this morning at 11:30, so I'll let you know if it makes any difference to her.

It's supposedly quite therapeutic - apparently you sit on a sun lounger in a cave totally made of salt with dimmed lighting and a vapour comes through air vents in the walls that clear sinuses and open the airways making breathing easier. After reading through some reviews, it appears to have benefited those that have gone, but I guess until you try it for yourself, you'll never know whether the reviews are real or just specific to some people.

I also got her some beetroot juice from M&S which is meant to be good for those with breathing problems. She says it's quite tasty and that she isn't feeling as breathless - she changed her bed yesterday, swept her garden, did her washing and hung it out, did her ironing without feeling completely out of breath - so she's on the right track to being more active instead of sitting around feeling sorry for herself.

I'll get back to you later to give an update on the salt cave, but if anyone has tried them, please let me know how it was for you.

Chat later ….. have a lovely day :)


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Hi JForbes, I think that there are several people on here who have tried the salt caves or salt lamps. I nebulise saline. It can be soothing to the lungs and help loosen mucus. I think that anything which eases the physical symptoms and raises the spirits can't be a bad thing. You are truly a lovely daughter to go to such lengths to help your Mum.


Hi, l bought a salt pipe which is also meant to alleviate breathing problems, before l could be really sure of results l became ill with pnuemonia. Since then l have been taking different meds and haven't used the pipe. When l first got it there was an improvement in my breathing so l shall use it again now you have jogged my memory. I ordered it online and it cost £30 and should last for many years.


I live in Asheville, N.C. and we have two salt caves here. I have allergies, asthma and COPD. They had a special for $80 for 6 consecutive days, 45 min. each day. It was very pleasant and relaxing but in the end, it really didn't help.

They have some famous salt caves in Eastern Europe and Russia, and one in Poland, in particular, that people have found to have helped. But I guess you have to do an intensive and stay for a few weeks for many hrs. each day. I am tempted to go to the one in Poland. It's actually a resort, too, all built around the cave. Do a Google search for the name; it slips my mind now.


Hello Julie,

I hope it works for your Mum. It sounds to me as though she is taking herself in hand and is starting to regain an interest in everything now. I wish both of you the very best and hope you will keep us updated :-)


I've had 3 salt cave sessions & found them SO relaxing, but didn't feel any benefit for my breathing. However, another lady there said they help her enormously and goes at least once a week (they are quite expensive though, even if you get the offers). Wonderful experience though.


Hi. A new salt cave had recently opened in the west midlands, salt therapy changed my partners life.


Well, we did the Salt Cave experience (me too as the first session was free, so they let me go in as well) and my Mum has said even the one session appears to have opened her airways and the air seems to be reaching her lungs instead of getting trapped in the sticky mucus in her chest! Not bad for free :)

Groupon are doing deals at the moment - 2 sessions for £28, so I may book more for her.

Julie :)


The salt caves have a buy 1 get 1 free offer on throughout July which will help with the cost.


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