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Lung disease chest infection coughs

I'm wondering I'd someone can help me I'm extremely worried about my mum she suffers from copd emphesema also known as ling disease atm she has a chest infection and keeps coughing which is preventing her to sleep I'm worried about her but I'm a worrier anyway what's the best thing to help calm her coughs she has her oxygen with her atm but I'm unable to go-to sleep as I'm extremely worried please help thanks Nathan

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If she's coughing none stop that could be Exabration ... 111 say if she can't say a sentence I.e one word with out being breathless you need ambulance

Or at least phone 111 and seek there advice.

Coughing fits are not nice and if on oxygen I would call em

Sorry could not offer anymore advice


When I was in hospital with a chest infection some years ago, and like your mum, was coughing all night long, a nurse brought me some cough medicine topped up with hot water to sip. The quantity was about half a teacup full and it worked. My cough was eased and I, and the other patients, got some sleep!

I don't think the cough medicine was anything special as it tasted like Veno's, and I now keep a supermarket "bronchial mixture" at home now for this purpose

If the cough is very deep she may need help from a physio and learn how to "huff" which is a useful way to shift deep sited phlegm

Hope this helps.

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See a Doctor or call 111 immediately. Hope all goes well.

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Hi try a spoonfull of honey a few times a day , i found it to help me


Some useful answers there Nathan, how good you care so much for your Mum, she is fortunate to have you there.

Is her cough productive? ie is she coughing up mucous? If so is it a nasty colour? If so she may still have an infection and needs medical help. Has he got a fever? How unwell doe she feel? Be guided by all these to seek help. Get a sputum sample sent to the lab if you can. She may need a different antibiotic and a sputum samplke is needed to see which bug she has.

If the cough is not productive, has she tried methods to get mucous out? That could be special breathing exercises, using a nebuliser and nebulising saline or salbutamol, using a PEP device, all these she should be taught by a physiotherapist which should be arranged by your doctor. Quite often we cough all night because there is mucous stuck in our airways, if we can get it out we stand a chance of sleeping.

If none of the above apply and it is a dry cough you could try a seemingly weird method to try to get some sleep at night. Get some Vics Vaporub. slather over the soles of her feet, pop some socks on top and hopefully within 10 minutes the cough will cease. This works for many people but won't cure the cough of course.

If she continues poorly, seek medical help.


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