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Well I Only GONE & Done It

Well I Only GONE & Done It

After SOME finger chewing biting I did same heart test as the do In A+E.

WHY some might say did I.

Well with our lung disease and med's HEART problems go hand in hand .. In my opinion.

Luckily I know about constant chest pain that stays same when breathing in or out as marker for heart trouble ALSO swelling of our arms limbs being marker for heart trouble.

I had none of that.

Also there is other issues not quite as obvious SUCH as meds we take causing heart problems " drug toxicity " or " traponin toxicity " you can also have heart speed wobbles, high blood pressure, hypertension, blood clots.

That all help to make our conditions worse hard to manage SO that's why I opted to do test for myself.

Following on from my previous post I Can't understand given our issues and FALSE flags we suffer why GENRAL PRACTICE when ordering our blood test DO not screen for CARDIAC TROPONIN cTnI.

Was quite a shock to find out of my doctor given blood test I have had that it is ONLY A+E checks for such proteins.

Given test I did RANDOMLY and HOW it took less than five mins .. I can't understand why GP's would not do such test WHEN we present at practices quite ill.

Is it the don't want to get the hands dirty AND why is it just down to A+E or is cost a factor.

Where is the preventative medicine in that WHEN things are left to be emergency or life threatening.

As to my test WELL it came back negative pretty much like I expected BUT like I say given ongoing symptoms do we really know.

That's why test in GENRAL PRATICE now and agin I think could be valuable tool in GP's bag AND might even cut down the shocking copd lung diease mortality numbers

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Oh dear Jeff, you want GP's to actually do something? The more I read on this site the more I realise that my GP is in the majority (the ones who take the money but do as little as possible for it), sure there are good GP's but that's like saying that there are some innocent people in prison ... true but not many!

When my GP found out that I have spirometry, blood pressure, temperature and Sp02 testing equipment they started just asking if I'd bought the results with me rather than top bother to do the tests themselves!

I don't know if they see COPD as "self-inflicted" or some other reason but GP's dealing with COPD patients don't, in general, operate in a very professional manner!

Rant over ...


Hi Y_not fill ya boots I don't think your ranting I think your very justified.

We have seen with shipman what gp's are capable of when left to own devices.

I know from post and my own experiences my lung function as not deteriorated threw my actions but threw bad health care and bad gp management.

We should not have to fight tooth and nail for better medication treatment.

I have had my doctors BLAM all my drinking drug taking for my lung condition.

But Like I pointed out to my doctors you have all my blood test so you will know am not a druggy or a drinker and duly complained AS only drugs I have ever had is what doctors give me.

Like you say THAY must think all lung disease is all self inflicted & class related.

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