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Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site. I I was diagnosed with lung cancer in Dec 2012 and had an upper left lobectomy in Jan 2013 - have had at least 1 scare per year since then with 'suspicious' things on scans etc. but so far, so good, no re-occurence. I also have moderate copd and asthma - yay a triple whammy :) - but doing fairly well for the most part so consider myself fortunate to be able to still do some of the things I enjoy doing. Have read some interesting and helpful posts - thank you - and hopefully will be able to contribute too in the future with something that may be useful to someone.

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  • Hi Jaynair, what a lovely name.Welcome to the site. I am similar to yourself but I had a right lung upper lobectomy in Jan 2013 on.Nottingham. I sometimes have severe copd alongside of asthma but at the moment I have crept into moderate. Like you cancer wise I remain well. I have to go now, busy day ahead. Dentist, shopping & hairdresser. Rest up tomorrow. X

  • Morning Jay

    Welcome to this brilliant site.

    You seem to be doing well considering your triple whammy.

    Well done.

    All the best and tell us how you are doing.

    K xxxx

  • Welcome Jaynair, glad to see you are doing well considering. Good luck to you. Xxx

  • Hello, and welcome to the site. :)

  • Hi Jaynair and welcome to our lovely forum. You have been through it, hopefully your out the other side now! Look forward to hearing more from you, any questions just fire away, always someone around. Take care Xx

  • Hello from me too. You've got quite a lot on your plate but it sounds as though you're doing well. Take care. x

  • Hi Jaynair, it's good to see you 😁 you've been through so much, I'm glad you doing OK ! 😜 stay as well as you can and keep posting and chatting we are one big happy family! 😁 huff xxxx🍺🍺🐝😘

  • Glad you are staying as well as you can be Jeaniexxx

  • Hello Jaynair (Jane Eyre!) Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. You have certainly been through a lot, but it is good to know you are doing fairly well. Long may that continue.

    Tee x

  • Thank you for the lovely welcome everyone :).

    I've been to the coast today for a paddle - I do love the warmer weather but it's a lot easier to tolerate with a cool sea breeze :).

    Hope you've all had a good day.

    J :) x

  • Hi Jaynair,

    Love the name!

    So glad that you survived the lung cancer. Moderate COPD doesn't have to progress. Just keep doing what your doing. So good to read a positive post re LC.

    Please look after yourself.


  • Hello and welcome. Nice to meet you and hope you are having a good week do far.

    Cas xx 🌸

  • Welcome Jaynair

  • A very warm welcome to you jaynair. love cx

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