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Pulmonary Regurgitation - Worried, Advice Please!

Hello, I am new on here. I have been very worried about newly diagnosed with Pulmonary Regurgitation.

On my Echocardiography report the findings (Echo Rhythum, Veins, Arteries, Values) came back normal. No heart murmur.

Pulmonic Value is normal - Mild-Moderate Pulmonary Regurgitation. What does that mean? Value is normal, does that mean I have got lungs problem? I am beside of worry about having Pulmonary hypertension too, I am scared. I waiting a letter, to see a consultant in cardiology department. What happen next?

I am overweight by two stone heavily, shortness of breath if I doing exercising as trying to lose the pounds.

I am trying not to panic here, any advice would be grateful!'

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Hi I just googled this and it said that PR is usually the result of another medical problem and Pulmunory Hypertension is often the cause. It is the leakage of the pulmunory valve which is enough to be noticed. This is why you have been referred to the Cardiologist. They are trying to find the cause so they can prescribe treatment.

So basically it could be a lung problem or a heart one. Whichever please try not to worry so much as you said you were told it's only mild/moderate. It is often hard to distinguish between heart and lung problems and they are sorting it out for you. x



I would wait for the test results to come in, there are causes and underlying causes to second guess will only cause you more alarm, easier send than done but try and not panic. There are lots of positive results.


Thank you both replying.

I am in my mid 30's and live on my own basically. I shouldn't look on google on the condition, doesn't help with my anxiety.

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Also I forgot to add that ECG Right Ventricle Report good radial and longitudinal systolic function. Normal size RVOT and basal wall dimension..

stated that some views the RV appears to dilate at the level of the mid wall to apical region with an almost aneurysmal appearance. Prominent moderate band seen.

Doesn't sound good, right? Any meaning? I am trying to stay calm but I am scared. Sorry for rambling in..



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