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I'm new here and not quite sure what I should say but I have had breathing problems for months my chest extras was clear and my blood tests fine ,I've never smoked . The doctor has tried different things I'm now going to see a specialist at the hospital on the 27th I'm taking tablets for blood pressure and also beta blockers ,we did try stoping the beta blockers because in some cases they cause breathlessness but that didn't help ,I've also got ventilin inhaler with a spacer . I have no energy and have to keep sitting down also now I have to walk my dog using a mobility scooter , it all started with a dry mouth which I still have ,thank goodness for ice lollies .

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Not sure if this helps but i have also been suffering shortness of breath and my cardiologist thinks its all related to my sinus node and my answer is a pacemaker.

Good luck




Thank you Malcolm I will be glad once I've been to the hospital and got some results ,the not knowing doesn't help .

Enjoy your day Enid X


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