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Hi I'm Wendy and I'm a newbie.. I have interstitial lung disease and steroid induced type 2 diabetes. I've been coping with my lung disease for nearly 4 years now, my consultant has now allowed me to go on holiday abroad which I would love to do but I'm struggling to find an affordable insurance. At the min I'm being quoted £850 for 2 weeks to Tenerife. I would be grateful for any advise. Thank you in advance

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  • Wendy_A a very big welcome that's great news for you but bad news for the insurance I know some of the group will be along shortly to help you their a great bunch best wishes x

  • Thank you x

  • I saw an advert recently for a company that specialises in medical travel:

    I don't know their charges though.

  • Hello: I have Pulmonary Fibrosis which is now at an advanced stage. In earlier days with this condition I was able to travel but did find travel insurance to be very expensive. The reasons including that I was over the age of 70 and requiring medical oxygen. The amount that you have been quoted does indicate that you are a very high risk for travel insurance. If this is not the case, perhaps you could provide more details of the condition and tell us your age, and then people may be able to point you in the direction of sympathetic insurers.

  • Thank you both. I'm only 45 years young, I'm a none smoker although I did smoke when I was a teenager for around 4 years. I've only been admitted to hospital once that was before I was diagnosed. My illness has been been stable for the past 2 years and I've even improved slightly. I'm on oxygen 24/7 and my prescription for it is coming down slowly.

  • When I was still able to travel, I did get a reasonably good deal from John Lewis. It is worth trying them. They will give you a quotation online.

  • Lovely thank you.

  • Hi if you type holiday/travel insurance in the search box on the top right you will see the many previous posts and replies about this. x

  • Hi, yep I've looked but most of them are a few years old. Thank you though

  • have IPF,my hubby diabeties type 2 .I am on ambulatory oxygen.We are both covered for 12 months worldwide for £640.i do keep posting this when people ask,I am annoyed with The BLF as I asked them to have a page where people can post if they managed to get cover with these serious illnesses ,no they cannot endorse any company,so we all still have to keep posting answers ourselves.If people don't come on site for a few days posts for help have been missed,I thought helping people was the aim of the BLF,silly me.Sooki.

  • I got a good deal for myself and my husband who has COPD from a company called Make sure. The quote was based on distance walked, number of medications and whether he had been hospitalised in the last year.

  • If you are in UK, try this comparison site:

  • Thank you all, I really appreciate your help xx

  • Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I doubt you will get anything much cheaper whilst you are on oxygen. I am on LTOT, COPD and have never, ever been admitted to hospital. My illness is very well managed, however that counts for nowt in the insurance world, so I travel without insurance for my lungs. I take antibios and steroids with me in case I get an infection and I have insurance via my bank for all other non-lung eventualities. Have been travelling 14 years and so far, so good. Obviously it is an individual thing, but I am not parting with an arm and a leg just in case.

    Just wanted to add that I have tried every insurance company on the planet. Every time someone comes forward with another company, I contact them fruitlessly.

  • Thank you Auntypooh, my consultant told me not to bother with insurance because of having the E111 which the NHS pay for in Europe but I'm not too sure. I have got travel insurance with my bank I think I need to call them and see how much they will quote me. X

  • just found travel time (got more wrong with me than you) £82+ 2 weeks spain.

  • Would add. Banks only want to know if not much wrong with you. Otherwise you pay dearly (they don't tell you that though) when you start to pay a monthly fee. Don't know if E111 covers Canaries, but I wonder if still valid now out of EU.

    I would add my £82+ quote,. COPD.BI PASS AND DIABITIS. Don't get better does it LOL

  • Thank you teddywinks im still looking. The cheapest so far is £742 😩 I will defo try travel time. Hope you have a fab holiday. Keep your chin up and keep smiling .

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