Phoned the surgery for metronizadole as diverticulitis painful. Told I must phone the pharmacy and they will ask the surgery. I Said it would be Monday before anything happened so was told they would make an exception this time but never to ask again. Said they would fax the prescription to a pharmacy near me. For that I am grateful but a telling off from a receptionist is the last thing I need. Feverishly checking my cache to make sure my inhalers are up,to date.

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  • What is it about some GPs receptionists? I'm sure they think they are better qualified than the doctors! Pleased you got it sorted though, and hope your soon feeling better. Xx

  • Feel better soon and hope you have enough of everything now, just to be sure and no more tellings off. Xxx 😉

  • Sounds like the receptionist wants to know in advance if you are planning on becoming unwell!! Save your doctor some time...make an appointment with her instead!! B****y cheek!

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Tee x

  • Hi lovely people. I find it depends which practice you're lucky to belong to as I needed urgent drugs as was about to run out (had been admitted to hospital the week before with ABPA, COPD & strep pneumonia (ouch my left lung) anyway rang the surgery on the Thursday couldn't get app. & spoke to a very young receptionist who assured me my meds would be ready on the Monday. My son went to pick up the prescription before my visit to Kings College Hospital (got MDS, blood cancer but that's another story) anyway nothing was there to pick up & the older receptionist (grumpy old bag) told my son they need 3 days for a repeat (although on their web site it says 2 days) which I pointed out to her when my son passed his phone to me & she had the cheek to tell me in no uncertain terms the website should've been updated & I would have to wait - AGH - anyway I'm afraid I was so frustrated I called her a rude name beginning with W & a week later got a rather snotty letter saying they won't accept my behaviour & I will be cut off if it happens again. I ended up in Barnet A&E later that day but since then have moved in with my son, re-registered with another practice & can't praise them enough, they know what empathy is which costs nothing & for the first time in 2 yrs feel someone cares about me. Anyway, Got Barnet again this afternoon- the chest doc put me on Flutiform along with Spiriva & Prednisolone which seems to have done the trick for now (can actually climb up stairs without having to sit down halfway to get my breath yay! I do look like a chipmunk with mumps, put on about 3 stone (given up the fags) & my hair's falling out so had it all chopped; can't stand hairy food lol - glad I'm not vain that's all I can say! Enjoy your day despite the chilly weather some of us are experiencing (here in Broxbourn, Hertfordshire its blooming freezing bah! Best Glyn

  • Hi, that's ridiculous causing you such stress! I really don't know how some patients actually get past the receptionist to see a GP! 🤔

    If I need a repeat prescription I phone my surgery & the drugs are ready at the pharmacy for me the next day. I also have the choice of handing in my repeat prescription to the chemist & I can collect them 2 days later.

    Why can't all surgeries be more sympathetic to their patients? 🙄

    Take care & hope you feel better soon 🌷

  • I get all my repeat prescriptions from boots the chemist. They request them from my GP and text me when they are ready. When I pick them up thy make a note to order again in 2 months. Most boots have this service x

  • Got my prescription at the local pharmacy so am thankful. Will need to keep a close eye on repeats so that it doesn't happen again. Thanks to everyone who shared my frustration.

  • Glad to hear you got your pills, but what is happening to the system since it went electronic. I have been having problems on and off for over twelve months? I have spoken to my named GP about it, but this month was the same. Most Chemists have a repeat prescription service for chronically sick, the irony is it is supposed to be quicker but at present it is just making more work for the gp in my opinion and inconveniencing the patient just like all the other electronic gadgets that don't work how they should and what happens if they break down? I feel like a robot whose only allowed to do what the computer says, sorry but human health doesn't work like that does it ? :) :)

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