still feeling rotton bad chest and cough

still feeling rotten bad chest and cough....I have now been put on yet another course of steroids and 7 days of antibiotics ,,this is now the 15 day of anti and the 8 of steroids ..nothing is helping at all chest really hurts and coughing almost with out stopping .cough is none productive ..I take mucodyne 3 times a day as well as arithromicine 3 times a week for bronchi ..desparate for any advice please to help relieve the bad chest and cough

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  • I can only say, be patient and stay with it. I've had chest infections that have taken 6 courses of antibiotics to clear (and steroids). It's a pig to be honest but you will come through it xxx

  • If this is an exacerbation it really will take time as well as medication. Mine take about six weeks and it's important to de-stress, drink loads and do all you can to keep your spirits up. It will eventually pass, and then focus on breathing exercises and physical exercise to regain strength. Good luck - you have the support of everyone in this forum.

  • Hi, if you have bronchiectasis then a 7 day course is not long enough, you need at least 10 days. Have you sent in a sputum sample? If not then get one sent, the doctor needs to know which bug you have in order to give you the right antibiotic. The wrong antibiotic will not work and you will continue to be sick. The 3 times a week azithromycin which you seem to be taking is more to try to prevent infection, which has obviously failed, at that level it will not "cure" anything.

    Meanwhile are you working everyday to get rid of the mucous from your chest? Try to get rid of as much as possible, drink lots of water.

    Can you get back to the GP to organise sending in a sample?

    I hope things improve soon for you.

  • I have the double whammy of stage three copd and severe bronchiectasis oh yes pav if I was a dog they would put me down stick with it t will ease off in the long run

  • Hi Marlee, can sympathise with u as i have had non stop chest infections since January, not going 2 b taking any more steroids & antibiotics. Telling my hubby im sick of bn sick lol. Hope u get better very soon. X

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