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No strength,inclination or positivity to bother going to appeal for pip

Hi all.

Just to let all you lovely people know,I did not bother going to appeal.

I found the support I had from cab was useless.

I'm not very good at writing appeal letters,(never having done one in my life before).

So I gave up.maybe that was the wrong decision.but it was mine.

Anyway.thanks to all of you for the support you gave me,in helping me decide what I should do,I appreciate all of you.


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You are welcome Fantasy and hope you will be less stressed now.

Take care. Xxx


Sorry to read about your decison NEXT time search dwp template letrers and add your bit.

Most local housing athourty have welfair rights guys women in them that help.

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I'm sorry you felt you just had enough to make you want to abandon it. These appeals can be a minefield and you never seem to hit on the person that has the knowledge or the time to help you.

Good wishes to you.



So sorry to hear that. It took three appeals for mine to go through but is so worth it. You will probably find that the Welfare Rights Department at your local council can help MUCH more than CAB.

Is it not worth one more try? ☺

Kathy. x

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I'm past the time limit now.

Even if I wasn't,I just don't have the inclination anymore.

But thank you.



Hi Fantasy...I remember reading your last post and thinking how you would get on as I read so meny members are having to go through a lot of stress...I believe meny such as yourself do give up...after all you are dealing with an uncaring calculating machine that has been finally tuned to put even the most needy and vulnerable people out of what they need and are entitled to.

please note Kathygwanny reply to you...

I hope that you might reconsider and press on with your claim. ..with the right help I'm sure you'll will be successful.

I do fully understand the stress this has been on you.

My kindest regards .

Andy xx.


You must have been so miserable and frustrated, Fantasy. There's something badly wrong with a system which is so difficult for the people it's supposed to be helping.

I hope that you feel better now that you've made your own decision. Take care, Sue x


Fantasy, I respect where your coming from but have you tried DIAL? They take all the stress away. I think I'm right in saying that the advisors are all handicapped in some way. But they come out and see you, and do it all for you. Just a thought. You take care Xx


These people can provide enormous help with PIP and the like.................


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