Oh god I'm worse than I thought

went to church this morning ( haven't been on my usual regular visits for some time ) and was shocked to hear my name read out in the prayer list of people we need to say a prayer for who appreciate Ill,,,,,,,,,,I appreciate the help from above ,,,but I'm sure there are far more deserving of this prayer ,,,,,but it's nice to be thought off ,

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Oh Nanny1086 I am sure you are just as deserving of a mention on the prayer list as anyone else.

I am not a church goer but I do think it's nice that people who have a faith ask their church to include people in their prayers for whatever reason. When my late hubby was ill, he was regularly on the prayer list at his parents' church and no-one there knew him. I always appreciated that.

Thank you Susie ,it did make me smile ,

Hi nanny that's very nice of them. I am on the prayer list at my dads church. And I don't even go to church. X

Nanny I've been trying to get my name on a pry list for 18 months...and i not fussy on any particular church temple or that other place with like a round roof..

Any members would be so kind..my name is Andy Sailors .

You are on my pray list. I have an amazing church family. Email the church members and prays are said.

Thank you...xxx

Consider it done ,Methodist do,,

Thank you Nanny xx

A very kindly gesture...if a surprise!

I hope it's working...

Tee xxx

Makes you think they know something you don't ! In fact it's a kindness and you never know what the power of prayer and thought can do. We hope it helps, and it makes me smile too. That's healing. Sue x

a very kind gesture - shows how highly they think of you.

alternatively it has spurred you into going more often!!!!

I know what you mean Nanny, though it's lovely to be thought of I'm sure your not ready to give in just yet! Xx

Oh Nanny your just as deserving as anyone else and i often get put on the prayer list x

I agree Nanny - you are just as deserving as the others. My mum once suffered from very severe sciatica and the pain was wearing her very thin. Without her knowledge her nephew and his wife (who are born again Christians) got a special prayer for her said at their church. A few days afterwards her sciatica went. Coincidence? Who knows? x

The power of prayer

Maybe. It really got me thinking though. x

I am really happy someone thought to have a prayer said for you Nanny1086 . You are deserving of prayers like anyone else. I am not particularly religious but I find that very touching.

Hoping you are doing okay today.

Cas xx πŸ’œ

It is too Nanny....My neighbour has been diagnosed with breast cancer. We were sitting in the front garden yesterday after she returned from Church. She is off on a four day break today before she goes for her op. She warned them all at her Church that they are not to light her a prayer candle...because she has no intention of being ill.



Prays dont have to be for illness pray can be for all the other things that can illness can impact like family etc.

Don't know much about prayer elanaoli , but certainly if anything brings comfort and hope to those who do then to be sure that is one of the finest things on this planet.


Haha ,I know what she means ,

hi, i think its really nice some one was thinking of you, and thought some prayers might help you. but i can see how it gave ya a bit of a shock!! you are most definetley worth the prayers!!

hope your ok today, love martine xxx

Yes, never underestimate the power of prayer. It is such a comfort to put your troubles in the hands of a Higher Being.

God bless.

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