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Living one day at a time with COPD

DavidTSr50 said hi from Oak Forrest,IL. USA talk about living day to day one day in March I had sharp pain in my lower right side so I went to the ER, because I thought I was having a flair up at the bottom of my right lung do to my COPD flair up that I get once in while, but this time it was my hernia acting up so when I got to my room I was told that my hernia was pinching my Gut so I had to have emergency operation on my Gut . I woke up couple hours later and I had oxygen tube in my nose and I had a Colostomy Bag attached to my belly so now you know what it was like that one day in March so I will close for now David Tormala Sr..

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Hello David. I'm Caspiana. 😊 That must have really scary and traumatic for you. Luckily though you went to the ER of things could have progressed beyond help. How are you feeling now? Please do take care. 🌸


Gosh - lucky you went to hospital on the day David - hope you're feeling much better now. Take care. All best wishes.


That must have been a shock, hope you are recovering well. Joyce


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