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I did write to one person now Im putting it out to everyone who has had migraines and or cluster headaches. If you were able to get relief what medication did you use please, Ive tried everything on the market over the counter and nothing. I tried one prescription Maxalt but you have to get it at the start of the migraine whicg mine are never ending so there is no beginning plus I tried 100mg of naproxen. PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN

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  • I think your new medication has a common side effect of headaches. Could this be one of the causes.

    I can't help with the migraines but someone on here might be able to. Keep on trying

  • Hi bandit2 the only thing I know about headaches is that my wife gets them but when I am out she doesn't. 🤕

    Sorry I can't be of any help but I hope you get better soon.

    Regards. John

  • you r funny :)

  • Thank You. Luckily my wife thinks I am as well most of the time.

  • Hi Bandit I suffered very bad migraines and one sided cluster headaches I was never free from pain , then my doctor prescribed Naratriptan and Amitriptyline which is a anti depressant that helps with pain also a muscle relaxant been fine ever since only the occasional headache.

    hope this helps, Pat

  • Never heard of Naratriptan is that a pill? Do you remember the dosage, Ive heard of Amitriptyline it causes weight gain and I have to be very careful as I am a recovering bulemic. I just read up on it another name for it is Amerge and they say not to take it with antidepressants.

    Did you ever get any side effects from this medication and who diagnosis migraines because everyone Ive been to said they dont know what causes migraines, why some people get different ones, I went to a neurologist and he was more concerned about pumping me full of radiation and my heart. I forget the test name but I said forget it. So who ended up diagnosing you with migraines please because this drug sounds pretty good to me. I would like to try it for sure. Thank you so much for responding to me.

  • I use a Cefaly neuro-stimulation device which isn't cheap but has really helped me. I am also a member of Migraine Action, which has given me a lot of useful advice over the years, particularly with identifying migraine triggers. Visit migraine.org.uk/ for more info.

  • sorry but what is that in english lol, From what I can interpret is its something that stimulates your head somehow. I will definately check out Migraine action thankyou

  • I just checked out the site and they want 25 something I have no idea how much that is in Canadian dollars and im on a very tight fixed budget. Could you explain please Ive never heard of having to pay to join a site for helping eachother. Is this normal?

  • Hi bandit2,

    I suffer with migraines and I went to occupational health and explained about the migraines I get. They gave me some really interesting leaflets and I actually learned that migraines can be caused by something you have eaten or done the day before! It kind of changed my life.

    My triggers are tiredness, low blood sugar(I'm not diabetic) and tension. There are probably some food intolerances as well.

    I actually cut right back on the bread as someone mentioned that I could have a wheat intolerance. I also don't have sugar in my tea so this helps me to not get low on sugar quickly(I used to have 2 and I drink lots of tea!)

    All of these changes have personally helped me and I have less frequent headaches and migraines.

    Once one has set in tho it is difficult to get rid of...I take cocodomol(the strongest) and try to sleep.

    Hope this helps,


  • I have tons of stress for sure, dont use alot of sugar, never heard oc cocodomol is that a prescription med and did you get any side effects from it. I cant sleep much either but I try so I dont feel pain. Im very intrigued by this cocodomol I like the sond of it, please tell me more about it and where I could find it if its not a script.

  • Cocodomol is an opiod analgesia with paracetomol....you can get it over the counter in UK(I think but it maybe called something else) some people use dihydrocodeine which is another opiod based pain killer. Sometimes it makes my headache worse and sometimes it helps. If I feel a headache/migraine coming on then I'll take paracetomol and ibuprofen before.

    I don't know if you exercise but I find that this too relieves headaches and tension and I've even been known to run when I have a migraine just to relieve it and it usually works.


  • wow im impressed all opiods here are by prescription and most doctors are afraid to give them because they are addictive and people will misuse them. I cant take codeine but I can take hydrocodone which is a synthetic of codeine like percodan still makes me sick just not as sick. Not able to run or walk too much I have DDD deteriorating discs 4 of them in my sacriliac region bone on bone. I will look up the comodol and see if I can take it or if its available in Canada and under what name. thank you so much. Im researching everything all of you suggested to see if something can help me.

  • Hi bandit, I have migraine with aura....flashing zig zag lights which gradually fill my vision ...and then the headache comes.

    But I also wake with a headache....not every day but often and painkillers do nothing .

    There is one theory , that the headaches are linked to an inbalance in the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels...I know when I have had a bad asthma attack I get the visual disturbances as well. when my oxygen levels fall I get a headache.

    Some foods make me worse...chocolate and cheese....and if I am stressed and tense I can get a migraine...flashing lights do it too.

    It's easy to get into a vicious circle of pain and tension. I find relaxation exercises help and meditation...I learnt at first with a teacher and found that a lot of difficult past experiences surfaced .

    One of our members , Mic, is studying the Alexander Technique to help with his posture and breathing......he is learning to relax tense muscles.

    I hope you get some relief soon, headaches are so debilitating

  • so glad to finally hear from you, Im so anxious to hear about your after life experience to know more for myself if it was just a dream that wont go away. Never heard of this technique. I had a bad experience with meditation. I had my eyes closed like they said trying to deep breathe and I opened my eyes for a split second and there was a huge bee on my chest I freaked and never close my eyes anymore except to sleep. Who knows maybe I have a tumor but drs dont think my symptoms warrant this. If they had the 24 hr pain they might think differently. The only time I dont feel it is sleeping so I try to sleep as much as I can.

  • The only drug that helped me was the old syndol, they have changed it now and it does. Not include the sleep inducing drug which was the part that helped me. Iwouldlike to know what would help relieve the eye pain I am having after an aura attack.

  • I have acupuncture its a bit costly but worth every penny be very careful with these Chinese herbal shops a physiotherapist did mine.

  • I did acupuncture once and it was terrible, it was from a dr. they stuck all these needles in my hands then hooked it up to a machine, then left the room the needles started to jump when the got zapped hurt like hell when he finally came back my hands were all bruised from the needles jumping all i got was sorry no charge. It took weeks before the bruising was gone. I went for smoking or weight loss cant remember but it didnt work lol. Yes it was a chinese dr. but he was a medical doctor so I figured he knew what he was doing WRONG

  • you should have 6 sessions the first I got home had the most blinding head ach phoned him up he said good it shows it working 5 sessions later felt good and I go back for top ups but never with electric, I have that in the pain clinic its called radio frequency

  • So maybe I didnt get the right acupunture cause that frequency stuff hurt like hell, wont do that again no way jose. I will look into the other thank you

  • The radio frequency is used to burn off the nerve that's causes pain down my leg the S1 nerve it's done in theatre under live x-ray, they also use a machine like you described to look for compressed nerves for example carpal tunnel.

    Good luck hope you find a good one I'm not sure where you live but if you were near me I would pass on his details

  • Hello bandit2 - I'm so sorry to hear you have these awful migraines; having been a sufferer myself, I can totally sympathise wth you here. Please may I suggest that you visit your GP because if it's one of your prescribed drugs that is upsetting your system then he/she will be able to offer you some help. Also, someone else here has already suggested contacting Migraine UK and that would be another excellent place to go and I found acupuncture was also very effective. I don't think any over-the-counter medication is going to be of much help to you, as real migraines need proper prescribed help. In the meantime, drink lots of water as a dehydrated system can make migraines a lot worse and try to rest, if possible. I do hope these awful migraines go soon. Take care :)

  • I did check out that site but its a site where you have to pay a yearly fee of 25 something which I have no idea because Im from Canada not the UK and dont know your currency. Its not my meds because Ive been on the same meds for years. This is something new and I dont know who is qualified to diagnose a migraine since I think Ive been to a dr for every part of your body and not one has definately said yes you have migraines all the say is it could be and there isnt much they can do.

    One of the people on here suggested a medication and now I cant find it so I have to go over my notifications again because it was strictly for migraines. Ill cross my fingers for relief. thank you for caring and getting bac to me.

  • Gosh bandit2, I had no idea you were not in the UK so, my apologies for suggesting that particular link. The only option I am able to think of now would be to get a referral to see a neurologist, as in the UK they would often be the specialist who would deal with any form of head pain and then if they were unable to help, they'd know who to refer the patient on to. I really hope you find someone very soon. Good Luck.

  • Thats ok I can learn from anyone but dont have the funds to join a paying group. I thought I saw a neurologist so many dam drs I cant remember but I will try again, thank you for your input and trying to help me. I got a few drugs that may work from other people so thats a good thing I hope.

  • I found that a cup of tea caused my migraine in a few minutes .I stopped drinking tea and they went away. I think everyone is different but it worked with me.

  • that is so sweet and Im glad you found the cause, I dont drink tea and my pain goes on all day and night only sometimes worse and throbbing no particular time of day. Many thanks for caring and responding :)

  • I hope you get some relief from it soon regards Tom good luck

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