MiCRO ASPIRATION - advice please

I have bulleous Emphysema and since February I started to have an irritating cough that has got worse and now is a chronic cough that has me keeled over coughing, I have on occasion vomited following the end of a meal, had aching back and ribs from coughing and horrendous headaches... exhausted. Yesterday I ended up in A & E and was told that I possibly am suffering from Micro Aspiration. I am now booked to see various consultants. Has anyone else had the same diagnosis and what is the prognoises as can not find "laymans terms" on the net. Can such a condition be cured.??? would be grateful for any advice. Thank you

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Bless you, I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you but someone who can help will come along soon x

This a few on here with gerd that a think is near same thing ... yes reflux dose cause lung damage something to do with juice that normally coats the lungs is missing and aspirated gut acid damages your airways.

Good thing is you have Caught it early and being refereed to experts ... Sure others will be along to share there experiences and what they do to try restore protective coating on the lungs.

I have forgot what vitamin deficancy contributes but am sure others can expand

Thank you for your advice hopefully someone out there can tell me what to take to help if not eliminate...

Aaah, it sounds horrible and debilitating, and I'm just sorry I can't help but hope one of the lovely members will be here soon to give sound advice.


Micro aspiration....you could be inhaling siliva, food, any liquids you drink, stomach acid. I do this as well when I swallow I make sure I put my chin toward my chest. If you drink alcohol stop. You will also do it in your sleep. I have choked on my own Silvia to point I coughed so much I passed out.

OMG would hate to pass out but at times I think I am close.!!! Life would be a bore if I have to give up drinking too as I do find it relaxes me.... I will await to see what Consultants say... I do hope that your condition has improved and thank you for responding,


Status321 I do not have micro aspiration and I cant answer your question, but I really do sympathise with you about the violent coughing. Donr that, been there, theres nothing quite like it.


Thank you for your concern... its is just so exhausting and many times embarrassing , hoping this is not for ever


Thank you everyone for your kind responses As there is very little on the subject I will try to update my progress and treatments following my visits to the various consultants which are respiratory/ENT and gastro. Hopefully this will make others aware of this awful condition.


I was diagnosed back in 2010 with stage one bullous emplysema, a CT showed a lot in my right lung and some at the top righ lung. After 2 spriomarity tests, last one back in 2013, they said my FEV1% was 81%, the previous one in 2011 was 79%.

I stopped smoking back in 2011 and changed my life style, eating-exercise good round healthier life style.

I go to my doctors once per year for a COPD check up.

I have a little cough now and them , tiny wee bit of out of breath when doing crazy things but apart from that i indend to be here will into my 100 birthday lol

Hope this helps, but i guess what i'm saying is, if you smoke stop now and don't be in a smoking enviroment and look at your life style and if need be change it.

Hope this helps


Hi Dave, Thank you for your response and giving me a POSITIVE boost. Yes I did smoke heavily for many years and I am now paying the consequences I gave up when I was rushed to hospital whilst abroad on holiday and was putted into an induced coma for 11 weeks with severe respiratory problems too long to mention.... great way to give up but not recommended. It has been 6 and half years and I am trying to keep fit etc but have had to cut back until I know what is causing this chronic cough which triggers off at any moment!!. Just lovely to know that there are many out there that have to live with this on a daily basis. I am not giving up and I am sure that something, exactly what is another question, can be done. May I wish everyone reading this a health life with what ever respiratory condition you may have, just sharing stories and advice goes along way to help us breath easier... excuse the pun.

Kind regards

I'm sorry to hear about this and hope your doing well!

Have you had any more information as I am trying to find out as much as I can about micro aspiration as my son who has just turned 1 is being tested for it. We have been in and of hospital since February with him. He gets so poorly and now he refuses to drink.

So if you do get any info I would love if you could share it with me. I just want to know if it can be cured.

Fingers crossed for you


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