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Do you want to improve your wellbeing with asthma? Do you want to tell the NHS about your experiences and help improve asthma care?

Hi Everyone

"The NHS are creating a new treatment resource to help improve your self-management of asthma and take control of your mental and physical wellbeing.

*Interested to help?

They would like to hear from your experiences living with asthma - any ideas and experiences you wish to share will be incorporated into the development of this new resource, which will benefit other patients.

Message Kate - who is a member of this community(Username : NHS_asthma_wellbeing) to find out more about the resource!"

Have a great weekend


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When I first devolved my condition asthma I have found is a triggering feature of exabation.

Anyway I could not go anywhere with out hyperventilating that would cause panic attacks.

I found myself having to try remmber street names in case I needed ambulance DOCTORs GP was a waste of time with conflicting information.

One would say blow in a bag THEN my lung doctor would say don't THEN I found BLF site and was past currant member's who told me how to get my breathing under control.

One was distracting myself by reading and other was having sip of water when throat gets tight.

Currently I know when I am bad myself I start of with asthma attack that turns into hyperventilation that turns into major exabation.

Mainly caused by infections now .. I think STREES anxiety also plays a big part in any breathing issues BUT like a say it's not only cause.

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Yes, I am interested in this. I have had Asthma since I had my tonsils out when I was about 6. Don't know if there was a connection. I have had many bad attacks in my 71 years, and now have COPD as well.


I have had Asthma since my late twenties, I cant pinpoint a reason for developing it other than I have had chronic hayfever in the age of six when my parents moved from London to Crawley in Sussex. Throughout my childhood I had to stay indoors as much as possible to try to alleviate the symptoms.

When I stated to develop Asthma I found that I then started to have problems with chemicals, soaps, animals/birds, perfumes, moulds and spores. Which has carried on over the years now I have Broncestasis and COPD.


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That sounds familiar me to Hun , today they diagnose things like asthma earlier than when I was a kid , so left untreated so long until in 30's then like u COPD , I think they should screen kids sooner .


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