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Help with vitamin supplements

I wonder if anybody could give me some advice about vitamin supplements..I have severe bullous emphysema, with failing FEV and heart problems. My lungs have expanded quite a lot and I suffer from reflux, I am now on a very limited and bland diet which does not contain much in the way of fruit and veg!! I have become extremly thin now and the GP has put me on pro cal shots to help me maintain my wieght, this makes me feel sick but I manage it, but I feel that I need a vitamin supplement to help with the lack of fruit and veg in my diet! however the information on supplements is really confusing! Any advice would be really welcome! Thank you so much

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I take almond milk one fortified with vitamins .. only a swig a day I take as any more can be tad much.

But I too have horrendous gut trouble am trying to resolve .

It absorbs fast and as picked me up .. Just make sure you talk to your doctor first about taking it and make sure you don't have nut allergy.


Thank you so much for answering! I am feeling pretty desperate at the moment...will talk to GP and look into the almond milk


Defo know how you feel been there myself .. Antibiots sterilised my guts then I sufferd inflamation.

My gi doctor said I should get them buld up shakes waight body bulders use so going to give them I try.

Is best all in one thing I found .. is that fortified almond milk that absorbs fast and helps restor immunity.

Hope ya start feeling better soon and don't forget to ask doc first

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Hi my mother was very thin but didn't like any of the supplements except Ensure. She got them on prescription. There are lots of different flavours and even some yoghurt ones. They are very high in carlorie and have all the vitamins in them. x


Thank you..the ensure creme sounds good hopeful


Crème? Not Ensure x


I have trouble putting on weight always have, I tried the Pro Cal shots and I couldn't get on with them. Do you have a nutritionist mine visits me at home, they can help you with your diet and change the Pro Cal, I'm about to start a different one. Have you tried blending fruit and veg to get your vitamins, I even blend nuts, or putting powered milk with everything.


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So sorry to read that your health is not so good.

As Kimmy says I would suggest you blend your fruit and veg and then take small amounts through the day?

If you get a good blender it will blend almost any fruit and veg. There are some great recipes, including green veg and all fruits.

Are you able to eat protein? Fish is light to eat and a good food source.

Can you see the nutritionist at all? They may have some ideas.

Wishing you well. 😊


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Ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian, who will be able to review where you're at and prescribe ways to improve your diet.

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Hi.....I had suffered with reflux for more years than I care to say.

I use soya milk in everything, it's not so bad ( unsweetened) and take a

Zinc tablet and a multi B vitamin once a day.

The bland diet is not much fun ........I am slowly getting over a bout of madness which has been quite painfull.. ( a cadbury cream egg and 3 small pickled onions ........but not together. No one can believe the suffering they can cause.


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