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The doctor seems to think there is nothing wrong with me he said take some honey and lemon he knows I have copd and I am not going to the hospital if it gets worse then I will our doctor is so old he would give you a pill if your head was hanging off I know they are over worked but mine he take about 1hour to see a person the last time I saw him he got my meds all mixed up he sent me for a urinal test I should have gone for a blood test so it looks liken honey and lemon and another night of coughing if it does not work take care be good ED

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You appear to know your G.P. is crap! So why is he still your G.P. If you had a crap hairdresser, mechanic, or your local newsagent got your order mixed up, you'd most probably change them! COPD is a chronic condition, do yourself a favour!!! Get new G.P. Xx


Good advice x


I was just going to say the same thing! x


That is good advice, Ed, but in the meantime you must be not well, fed up and tired! Take care, be well soon and please do get help if you need it. Sue x


I agree with the other members its time to change your doctor or perhaps see a practice nurse at your surgery ....I do think maybe it should be mentioned to the patient manager as im sure your not the only patient who is not getting the correct care

Honey and lemon mixed with warm water is shown to be more effective than a cough medicine (if its just a cough you have )

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after I had a chest infection and a cold a while I was left with a cough my doctor said honey lemon and cough could take 4 to 6 weeks to clear up but it would in the end he was right it did but not much help when your coughing all night


Hello Ed. I'm sorry he was not of much help. He doesn't sound very with it. Perhaps time to look around for someone more competant? I really hope you had a better night. Please keep is updated.

Thinking of you.

Cas xx 🌼


How awful Ed and it seems like your doctor needs to retire. You get well and try and see someone else if you can. Good luck to you. xxxx


Hope you feel better soon and once you are back on your feet I'd agree with others that you really need to change your GP. You deserve so much better support. Take care x


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