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Going back to hot clinic

I am nearLy at the end of my 2nd lot of antibiotics, my doctor put my steroids up , off to visit the hot clinic tomorrow due to my o2 levels dropping to 88 or below, even though I am walking slowly , not sure what is going on . I have been diagnosed as hypersensitivity pneumonitus , and was decreasing my steroids to 5mg every other day , but this seems to have affected my o2 levels . I have been signed off work for 12wks, feel guilty but relieved , now I will be able to live life, rather that doing 8 1/2 hour shift and not fit for anything when I got home from work , not good when you can't do anything cause you are knackered , hope everyone is breathing easier today X kath 👩🏼

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Oh sorry to hear that you are not feeling to good! That is a bit pants eh?

I imagine you have an infective exacerbation of your condition resulting in this diagnosis.

This year has not been good for me either, got stuck on the steroids and then they weren't working well even at high dose. Am now able to reduce 1 mg per week!!!! I should get off them by Christmas!

Am pleased you have been signed off for a good while and you will need this to recover and get yourself well.

Good luck at the clinic today. Let me know how get on. Keep smiling.


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Back from clinic back up 30mgs of steroids and strong antibiotics for two weeks, then back to 5mg a day for 8 wks , if I keep having flare ups then they are going to look at my diagnose and see if it may be something else !!!


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