Reversibility test today

Have my reversibility test today at 1.30. I am nervous but hoping I will get some answers although I have been told I will need to take the results back to nurse at gp to interpret so will be more waiting before I know..

I have seen spirometry calculators on the internet are these worth looking at or should I just wait? I'm so impatient lol


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  • Hello porky5 . I'm sorry I have no idea what a reversibility test is but I wanted to say best of luck. I hope it goes well.

    Cas xx 🌸

  • Good luck porky5. I have to go for a Reversibility, spirometry and incremental walking tests on Thursday before I see my consultant at the beginning of June.

  • Hi

    I would wait and ask for the meaning of all the figures.

  • good luck at whatever test it is

  • Good luck x

  • Well have had a lung function test at the hospital, she didn't do the reversibility test as said it wasn't needed, not sure if that is good or bad, she said the gp would go through results with me as she wasn't allowed to say, had to take results back to gp and now have to wait till 14th June to see the nurse to give me results. Grrrr

    i have got a copy of the results but can not make head nor tail of it, so many numbers lol

    Thanks for all your replies x

  • Some people. myself do need to know what's what with the results of the tests...

    The numbers tell you how bad or good your lungs are by giving you the % of lung function.

    If they didn't won't to do the reversibiliy test me that could only be you haven't got asthma?

    I hope am right in saying that!!!

    There are meny members who can and will help you translate the numbers if you put the up in a post....

    Good luck xx.

  • Thanks I am not sure what to think people at the hospital seem so vague and that they don't want to tell you anything. I will post up my results I tried to do the online spirometry calculator but not sure I am putting in the right figures :/

    I know everyone on here are very helpful, it's just the not knowing that gets to me and all the waiting x

  • I know how you feel. ..

    Take your time all the members will do what they can to help you understand the test results.

    They don't tell you becouse it's the doctors job to go through it all with you and decide what do....

    Just keep posting all the information that you need help with...

    Take care


  • What is a 'reversibility test?

    anyone know?

  • it is a spirometry test, they give you the inhaler and then do the test again after 20 mins to see if it helps get a better result, (I think)

    she said I didn't need it so I presume that is a good sign?

  • spirometry tests I know about - never heard it called reversibility test before.

    Thank you for prompt reply and don't forget to post your results on here.

    Good luck.


  • I thought the reversibiliy test only applied for asthma...

    I do have some reversibiliy. ..with the right medication it can be controlled ..

    Haven't quite got there yet..

    Good luck...

  • I had a reversibility test prior to my initial diagnosis. It consisted of spirometry test, then using an inhaler and a further spirometry. I think the idea is to see whether the inhaler 'reverses' the condition i.e. affects your breathing positively. As the inhaler had no effect on me, I was told that it meant I didn't have COPD. I was later diagnosed with IPF. In my case the reversibility test was used to aid the diagnosis.

    Hope this helps.


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