If you are of a delicate disposition look away now

If you are of a delicate disposition look away now

Well, I have decided to post a photo of the growth on my face, it has grown since the beginning of March, should have been removed on April 21st but I was in hospital with a gall stone. It is due to be removed on June 6th, can't come soon enough! I haven't been out since mid April! Who would want to see me like this?

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  • Aww bless you carol that look so sore my heart goes out to you I hope your op goes well it will make a big difference to how you feel in yourself fore one you'll want to go out please let's us know how it goes best wishes Kathy xxx

  • Dear Carole, the sooner the better for you. You are a lovely lady who will shortly be feeling back on track again. Hopefully the hospital sticks to the date and then you can look forward to getting out and about. and I hope you are feeling better from your gall stone op.

    All the very best.


  • Oh that looks very uncomfortable.....you poor thing, Carole. It appears to get in the way of your glasses and cannula. Will it be a fairly straightforward op when you have it done?

    All the best

    Tee xx

  • It is a day case, I have to be in hospital by 8am and should be out by 12, local anesthetic good job because my lungs won't take a general, it looks big but it is like a tube hanging there, if you can grasp that.

  • I am so glad that it is easier to remove than it looks, Carole. Is it like a skin 'tag' that has got above itself?

    Tee xx

  • Oh no ,I hope the hospital sort out this problem for you ,we want you out and about not stuck in house ,,best wishes xx

  • Oh my goodness, that must so uncomfortable - and so distressing for you. My very best wishes for June 6th. Hope you're making a good recovery after you gall stone op'💐

  • Oh carol so distressing for you, I can also see from your photo that you have lovely kind eyes and very good skin, bet the op cannot come fast enough for you, hope all goes well xxxxx

  • Oh Carole, poor you! That looks really uncomfortable. At least you haven't got long to wait now, then you will be back to your pretty self, bet you can't wait! Hope it all goes well. Love S Xx

  • Hi Carole, roll on the 6th June, that looks pretty sore bet you will be glad to get rid of it.

    Hope all goes well for you

    take care

    polly xx

  • You will have to hold a party to celebrate once the growth has been removed. The nurse in me is curious as how it started in the first place. All the best XX

  • It started as what looked like a blood blister and just grew! xx

  • Carol this must have been a huge worry for you, growing so large and so quickly too. Hope your operation to remove it takes place and is not deferred. I hope too that you have been reassured about this . have you been told that it might be a huge cyst? These can fill up very fast. June 6th will soon be behind you and you can look forward to going out again. Will you please let us know how things went? Loving thoughts, Polly x

  • Wow that's big Carol! No wonder you don't want to go out. It will soon be 6th June and think how wonderful it will be to finally go out again. x

  • Never seen anything like it, Carole. How long have you had it? Sure glad you'll be rid of it soon. You'll feel like a new woman! Good for you.😊 Rubyxx

  • Oh Carole

    Poor you that looks painful and quite angry. I do hope you get it removed on 6 June.


  • Carole I've seen much worse....you will be fine xxx.

  • ouch Carol, that looks so so sore.

    lets hope they stick to the date of 6th June or maybe bring it forward due to a cancellation.

    with day surgery you will get home the same day - I suppose at least your body has had a chance to recover from the gall stone.

    Definitely some retail therapy is needed for you.

    Take care.

    Best wishes

    Jean xx

  • Glad you face will soon be back to normal Carole. Must be very uncomfortable. joyce.

  • Oh Carole, that does look uncomfortable😕 I hope you are feeling better after your operation and I hope the time goes quickly you must feel fed up being stuck in.Sending love and a big hug, huff xxx

  • Yep big hugs from me too. You poor poor thing xpiggix

  • Best wishes for the 6th ......hope it goes well for you


  • thank you carole for being so brave to put your photo on takes courage when we feel so low so thank you - can imagine it is such an annoyance for you but fear not people do see past it to the lovely you so clearly shown - hope all goes well on the 6th and please let us, when you feel ready, have a new photo so we can share your joy of getting rid of the pesky thing take care xxx

  • Oh bless you this must be very uncomfortable for you, don't become house bound it's what is inside not outside and if people don't like it they don't need to look xx

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