chest infection or not ??

I started 2 weeks ago feeling out of breath so I went to my docs...when he asked the usual questions of "coughing up green etc" I replied yes as I thought it would come but I would get in first with amoxicillin and the 6 little white steroid pills. Anyway after the 1st week I felt no better, I was given another weeks script of exactly the finishes tomorrow and although I never actually felt poorly it was the cough more than anything...but I just can't breathe !!!! Even the smallest slowest steps from one room to the other is leaving me really breathless. Is it simply that my COPD is getting worse and I've to learn to live with this stage of it now. I'm 52 and was diagnosed 3yrs ago...tests say I have lungs of an 81yr old ....I stopped smoking in Feb this year. Any advice etc ???? Thanks in advance 😊

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  • Infections can take tad to get over .. Usually when I have infection I can't walk without being very breathless.

    As long as you have no arms feet swelling or cardiac pain I.e constant chest pain THAT stays same when you breath in out .. I think y'all be ok.

    Just take it easy and don't try to do to much BUT keep coughing stuff up.

  • Thanks a lot....I've always been the same, I want to run before I can walk.

  • Think we all do and feel the same ...

  • Hi alvorite.....I have just had a longer slowly decreasing course of prednisolone as well as ABs to try and sort my cough...and it seems to have worked.

    You are still having problems with breathlessness so please ring your surgery and may need a sputum test to see if you are on the right antibiotic.

    Please ring for another appointment this morning ...tell the receptionist about the may take a different antibiotic to sort the cough, I had Doxycycline for mine.

    Take care ...and good luck with your visit to the GP.

  • I was the same in Feb and March and like knitter I needed a longer and slower reduction of steroids

  • Hi, I had a chest infection which took 3 courses of antibiotics and steroids before I started to feel a bit better. I am now attending a pulmonary rehabilitation course to strengthen my muscles. The infection started in January and I am still short of breath.

    You need to go back to your GP and get it checked.

    Take care.

  • Goodness me that's a long time to still be breathless....can I be cheeky and ask the difference in our ages.....I'm 52 mwalker23

  • We all react differently alvorite, could be that it's not the right AB, so sputum test would be good, as knitter says. Some people need a different kind of Amoxycillin called Co-Amoxiclav. Its Amoxycillin with Clavulinic acid added which works in tandem with the Amoxy and makes it efficacious for people who the Amoxy alone doesn't work for. Whatever you do, don't just leave it, be proactive and phone your GP. Good luck.

  • Do you not have an inhaler to help with your breathing?

  • yeah I've inhalers but they don't help atm

  • going to docs at 2.30pm I'll let u all know.....thanx for advice x

  • A pharmacist once told me a strong cup of coffee opens up the airways, as it has a similar action to theophylline. I also read the same thing somewhere else. The effect lasts for approx 4 hours, so may help you to cope. Try steaming, or maybe even a PEP device, or as suggested exercise, but you do need to get back to the doc's asap.

  • so I've to go for chest x-ray but also been put on CLARITHROMYCIN. ..anybody had any good experience with this tablet ?? Thanks Doris59 I will try the for exercise I have 2 staffies so beleive me I have to walk them everyday ☺☺

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