Bronchiectasis and the dreaded antibiotics

How does everyone deal with recovery after having strong antibiotics?

I'm new here so sorry if this has been covered.

Mum has Bronchiectasis and recently had a bad chest infection. Docs put her on 3 different antibiotics to get on top of it, which is now finally on the mend. But getting her body over the antibiotics is a challenge. Upset tummy, no taste etc.

She's on pro and pre biotics and doesn't want to make a fuss.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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  • Hi Betty-Boop 63. I have had bronchiectasis for 63 years, diagnosed at 3. Yes, the antibiotics knock you about something awful. Different ones do different things to you and they all wipe you out. Unfortunately it's a case of keeping going so that the lungs are made to work and the gunk goblin is kept at bay, whilst being kind to oneself whilst slowly climbing back up again. Short walks, not overdoing it and afternoon rests help me. Good luck and a hug to your Mum.

  • By the way, I don't find any of the pro pre biotic things or food supplements to be of any use but I think that some people do. If your Mum can identify which antibiotic is upsetting her tummy it is a good idea to tell the doc so that they can try an alternative. That's not making a fuss, it is helping the doc to help her.

  • I must have been lucky. I have hadmany antibiotic courses in my time. Sometimes 2-3 types at the same time. All started with tonsils in the 1960s. I cant recall any sideeffects. X

  • Thanks Stillstanding63. This whole journey has been a learning curve. The information I have found on the forums has given us things to go to the doctors/specialists with and ask "will this work?" Plus it gives hope to know people like you have lived with it for so long. Mum has had Bx a few years but the chest infections in the last year have meant we have needed to look at how we manage it.

    Think we might need to keep a meds diary to remember what did what and what to look out for next time.

  • the meds diary for yourselves seems a good idea. Also, bronchs need high doses of abs for at least two weeks and so it would be a good idea to keep an eye on that.

  • Might not help, but a nurse I was talking to said the pro biotic capsules are stronger than pro biotic drinks, and they help those with irritable bowel better. I know the feeling of feeling crap on antibiotics. Was on antibiotics for a month last year to clear pnumonia, and the last ones were 2 weeks of the strongest dose they could give me. Knocked me clean out! someone told me to take probiotics drinks to replace what the antibiotics were stripping from my stomach. They did boost my energy level a bit. I'm also taking cod liver oil capsules to boost my immune system against things like colds and bugs. They do seem to work. I work in a school and escaped every bug doing the rounds last winter. Hope everything works out well.

  • I was advised by a doctor, to have plain (natural) yogurt whenever I was prescribed antibiotics - she said to sweeten it with a little honey if I didn't like plain yogurt. I've found that it helps, it hasn't entirely prevented stomach upsets on every occassion but they've generally been short lived and less severe.

  • I have found that taking probiotics of any kind upsets my tummy even more. Saying that I have IBS anyway and dairy products can cause me problems. Does your mum take biotic's when she is not taking antibiotics, if she doesn't and has not tummy upsets it might be worth her trying her probiotic drinks to see if her tummy stays settled, if it does at least you can cross another thing.

    Hope she starts to feel better soon.


  • Yes at mo I'm on amoxycillin at 2 x500 3 times a day

    Also aztheymicin 250 1 a day as well lost taste buds also some times have doxy

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