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Statins & omega 3

Hi,Friday night I took 5mg tablet of statin which I was advised to try to get one of my blood reading a twitch lower.this was after going to the clinic of the consultant (different one)who put me on omega 3 capsules,I am on a trial drug as I cannot tolerate statins,due to the very good blood reading ,the consultant said I must be on this (injection once a fortnight) drug so would I try one statin 2hrs after I took my usual pills at night,so I complied & took one at 20.30 hrs,at around 02.00 hrs I woke up in a panic my head was paining down the right side & at the back of my right eye,I had been halusiating,I felt terrible,this one of the effects I had before,when I was on statins. I was supposed to try one a week for a month then one every two weeks,no chance now. I asked about my omega 3 & was told you do not need them,your blood results show you do not need them,I said they appear to do me good with my ecoptic & arrithmia problems,but still said no.

I looked up about a trial on google which said that most docs want you on statins & will try you out the way as I have just been.Omega3 works for me,it also said in the trial it does not for every one.

I am not having anymore statins & it looks like I will have to buy my own omega3.

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Very wise. Statins represent the mass medication/poisoning conspiracy of Big Pharma and the Medical Professions. They have been identified as causing chronic joint pain, diabetes, early onset dementia, and erectile dysfunction to name but a few. AVOID at all costs.


Hi warwickstag,I do not know if I have got dementia yet,but I took a switch out of my lawn mower last week & put it away safe, I looked everywhere for it,it fell out of my trouser pocket yesterday.I have been told I have a cataract as well as all the other problems statins create,I have also had problems with ivabradine 5mg which is used to slow the heart down,these just left me with no energy,so I have stopped them & feel a lot better, I was on them in the past & had the same problems,I cut then in half & was OK till I was told in the hospital to stop them,then restart months later,I will try cutting them in half again.

No joy with getting Omagor tabs yet so it looks like going back on the Internet for the highest acids,these do not cure my arrhythmia/Ecoptic heart problems but the certainly help me,reduce the incidents & serverity.


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