COPD Friends - American Community Forum

COPD Friends - American Community Forum

Hi everyone, within HealthUnlocked we have a great community that caters for those suffering from COPD (and other lung conditions), the British Lung Foundation. Even though it is called the British Lung Foundation the members are from all around the world. For the short time I have been a member, I have made lots of new friends and gained a wealth of useful information concerning my illnesses. Hopefully I have been able to help a few of you as well.

Anyway I was doing a search for anything to do with COPD and found the COPD Friends community. It does say that it is a community for Americans living with COPD. I can't remember it being there before so I think it may be a fairly new community as they only have 74 members. Considering how big America is, I think there must be a lot of Americans out there that don't know it exists. I am sure they could do with and appreciate a bit more support.

If you are interested in finding out more: click My Communities from the menu bar above then select + Browse Communities and type COPD into the search bar. Just click on the COPD Friends text to take you their forum.

I don't expect anyone to leave this community though (that's not allowed) but I hope the information will be of use to someone.


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