Hay fever

So ,it's that time of year again ,,for hay fever ,,,,however my symptoms have changed ,

I always had a runny nose and eyes ,,,,now my eyes are dry and nose is blocked and dry,consequently my medication isn't working as it should ,I've been on Telfast antihistamines prescribed by GP for years ( maybe time for a change ) anyone got any suggestions ,,,,,desperate times as difficult to breathe at night through dry, blocked nose ,

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  • I bought Sterimar nasal spray from the chemist...its just a neutral saline solution. You could ask your pharmacist for advice ....it may work for you.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you knitter ,that sounds good as its quite natural ,

  • hope you find something that helps you bad time of year now with all the pollen about, having see your reply on the astro turf post about wanting hubby out side cutting the grass instead of indoors under your feet im afraid its the old say no gain with out pain

  • 😟😷🕶🌺🌻🌸🌼🖼

  • Poor you, Nanny. I don't have useful suggestions I'm afraid. Don't have hay fever yet I'm streaming at times and sneezing a lot.

    I think you've answered your own question - if you've been on the same medication for years and it's getting worse, then it probably is time to go back to the GP. And I'd try knitter's Sterimar. Saline's good.

    Hope you get it sorted. Good luck, Sue x

  • I think your right ,,,time to see GP ,,, again,,,I shouldn't complain the Gps at our health centre have always looked after me well ,,,,I just hate wasting there time fir a stuffed up nose etc,,,,so I'll give the sterimar nasal spray a try first ,thanks for reading my post ,

  • defo time to change medication. chemist should know which (over the counter one) will help you until you can get to see GP and get on script.

    Tree pollen is bad at the moment.


  • Thank you butterfly ,,,,yes the tree pollen is bad ,,,,,and we live by the canal along the tow path and it's beautiful to see all the trees hanging over the canal ,,,,,sadly it doesn't help me ,,,,

  • a beautiful setting to live but as you said not really ideal health wise.

    change of meds probably all that is needed by check it out with doctors.

  • Please ask for further investigation. Like a lung X-Ray. After Richard's initial diagnosis of Hay Fever I am rather paranoid when I hear Hay fever diagnosed that differs from the usual type.

  • Thank you Azure, I will keep that in mind ,I am quite upto date with lung X-rays ,I had one in March ,but thank you I appreciate your concern and understanding of the problems that can occur with wrong diagnosis,,,,lots of love Georgina ,💐💊😷

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