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Hi ya all, well winter has finally arrived in Aussie. Not too bad, nights are cool but days are beautiful. I am feeling pretty darned good. I have quit the fags, I still take my oxyrich every morning and also drink black tea with a tsp of honey and a tblsp of apple cider vinegar. I keep an eye on my lung function by using my peak flow meter, I was blowing 385 and for the past 2 weeks I have been blowing 450. Woopwoop. Feeling well and sleeping well. I am avoiding white bread, cheese and milk, as these things create mucous. Exercising, walking and staying very positive in my mind, I am determined to turn this copd around. I have chosen not to have a flu needle this year, as my immune system is quite strong from my diet. Wishing everyone well. Enjoy your summer.😊😙😘😚

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  • Wow you sound in great shape long may it last I'm a bit worried now cause I've used my manual peek flow this morn as nd it's gone down its 149 so I'm straight on my rescue pack best wishes x

  • Hi titchy52. I am sorry to hear you are struggling, I always hope and wish the best for everyone suffering from this hideous disease. Who knows, it may turn bad for me in the future, but I won't go down with out a fight. I sincerely hope you feel better in the coming days. Stay strong and keep breathing. Xx

  • Many thanks for your reply and ko Ind words I'm like u always fighting and staying positive best wishes x

  • Hello. That is really wonderful news!! Harrah!! So happy for you. Keep up the excellent work. Enjoy your winter. 😊

    Cas xx

  • Hey Cas. Wishing you all the best too. Stay happy.😊 xx

  • Hi glad you are feeling oky doky made me smile one of my words


  • Congratulations on giving up cigarettes. If only we had known......anyway .....keep on with your healthy diet and exercise - you sound very upbeat. Maybe we get more colds and flu here in the U.K. but I always have the flu jab as I travel on buses, and it only takes one sneeze or nasty cough to start me off and I am not one for laying myself open to infection if I don't have to.

    All the best:-)

  • Winter has begun here in NZ too. Of course I caught a cold straight away and am currently coughing away with a sore throat. Fun times! Have had flu and pneumonia jabs in preparation for this winter, so fingers crossed. Glad to hear that you are well. X Sue

  • Hi Tauranga Sue. I come from Katikati matey. I left NZ over 30 yrs ago. I know how cold it gets back home. Stay warm and stay well xxxx

  • Just down the road! Yup, pretty chilly now and trying to keep warm. Thanks! :)

  • Well done Ditowler you are obviously doing something right! Xx

  • Hi. I hope so sheilab123. I do falter some times, like tonight for example. Hubby and I went to the club for dinner, was yummy, I had 2 wines and a play on the pokies and I had a smoke too. Very bad I know, but I digress, life is short and I have never obeyed the rules, I do what ever makes me happy and try to enjoy everything. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb aye. Hahaha 😄. I will be back on track 2moro. Xxx

  • Hi Ditowler. Very well done for quitting smoking and also for keeping up the special drinks, must be doing you good because you sound very Oky Dokey. Hope the winter isn't too harsh for you out there, and keep up the good work. I agree Sieze the Moment, life's too short, so to digress occassionally isn't bad but good. Hilde x

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