Diffusing 20 Fag's Via Lung Filter's

Diffusing 20 Fag's Via Lung Filter's

TODAY we is talking about BreathCO Carbon Monoxide Concentration Smoke Monitor screening Tester.

Is complex business all this co2 ... anyway I got my self co screening tool APPARENTLY the use same thing to screen pregnant women and can be used to help you stop smoking AS you can see results in lung diffusing capacity.

Machine did not disappoint as my carbon monoxide level was like NHS say 39 ppm DON't ya hate it when the right.

It's just a good job am not pregnant .. Lol

Anyway I tested my dad who as not smoked for ten years AS clearly these doctors nurses NHS can't be right AND he's was 2 ppm :(

Like just what I wanted to hear or is that see ANYWAY business end of machine is very smart .. can't be fooled guess that's why hospitals use em.

Here is interesting video that explains things tad better WHEN it comes to smoking diffusing capacity of lungs anddiseases.

Results of my test are distinctly missing as am still in denial AND not having no machine saying am heavy smoker suffering mild carbon monoxide poisoning

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  • I too am a smoker and very interested in what the heck a ppm is- puffs per minute? lol sorry not funny. Was your dad a heavy smoker before he quit? He was 2ppm. Yours was high how long have you been smoking and approx how many a day. I know it can vary depending on the activity ie smoke more when you drive, drink, play cards, at least I did and I cant tell you why I just did especially if I got high I would chain smoke like a chimey.

    I tried a test once when you have to blow into this thing for so many seconds and another you blow into to make the balls rise, I think I failed both I know it made me cough. They say it takes like 7 yrs to clear your lungs of 1 yrs smoking if thats true Ill be dead before my lungs would be anygood. Maybe not true if your dads results are a good thing. Can you explain please and in simple talk if you dont mind, I get anxiety when dr's and people talk and I cant understand what the hell they are saying I didnt go to medical school. :)

  • Hi,

    Like you I'm interested in all this ppm machine...is that Puffs Per Minute or Parts Per Million? Also like you if it takes 7 yrs to clear your lungs then I too am dead and buried already! Lol

    Probably actually longer than that as Leonard Nimmoy (Spock) died of COPD related illness and had been quit for 28 years!!! Scratch head - is there an answer then? My Mum quit 11 years ago and has been ill with upper airways since she quit...was ok until she quit!

    Some peeps can go through life smoking 60 camel shit a day and die in their sleep and others who have never smoked go through hell and high water - alpha1 antitrypsin defiency gene mutation - yes I have that!

    We are all gonna die one day from something so stop worrying, do what you enjoy and sod what anyone says!

  • BTW ...where did u get the machine from please as I have a grandson who'd be interested in it?

  • Hi luckyring199 av just up graded mine to one with flashing lights.

    I think where i went wrong was not being drinker given i smoke

    Lot hospitals look at our bloods and think arsenic poisoning.

    Anyway the iron ferrite in beers nautriallzes arsenic.

    I could go on about women and iron & lung disease but al leave that for other day.

    I got mine of ebay SO be geting rid of other one

  • I dont get it how does that machine stop you from smoking. It would piss the hell out of me 1-cant hold my breath that long and 2 its like that stupid spiro test with nose plugs and annoying little ball. What? you get to see how bad your breathing is I dont bloody think so and being honest guys when you quit smoking your breathing is worse the symptoms suck and go on for months. These people who say "oh yes after a few days I felt great, every smelled better, tasted better" BS thats a light smoker the heavy smokers go through hell and back.

    I firmly believe we are all born with cancer genes and IT will decide when to rear its ugly head whether you smoke, drink, take drugs, or a pristine health nut. Blame everything on smoking yet babies have it, children get it, animals get it. No one can escape the BIG C. Now all the rage is COPD which never even had a name, before we all had to worry about emphasyema and plurisy those were the dirty words to all smokers.

    Lets lump it all together LUNG DISEASE lol there plain and simple and we all have it just a different name pretty well the therapy is the same isnt it?

  • Hi bandit2 .. Defo agree with lot of points raised :) but I got monitor to measure co2 retention as that's is only true way of assessing how much your lungs are damaged.

    My aunt blew for less that five seconds and meter shown 56 .. It measures co2 not lung volume so don't mater how hard you blow IF lungs are bushed we will have gas transfer issues.

    Why the market it for smokers I don't know as lot lung disease suffers I think would find it helpful AS USALLY test like this are done in hospitals

  • I dont understand if the test is done in hospital why have your own machine. I see it could help people with lung issues to see if their meds were helping, but for a smoker it would depress me to death proably stress me out and smoke more :)

  • I have to ask out of curiosity do you live in Ajax cause you are my neighbor. Im in Oshawa

  • jeffajax I think explained it but like I told him that machine would piss me off as a smoker lol. Dont need a machine to tell me my breathing sucks lol. I thought it helped you quit not report how bad your intake is. You r right we are all going to die and me it will be quick I hope thats why I have a DNR. no zaps, machines, tubes, just meds lol good strong ones I hope

  • Morning professor!

    Very interesting video...and now my brain hurts.

    Tee x

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