Gee Wiz Gosh

Gee Wiz Gosh

What is going on .. Near normal FEV1 and not bad lung age.

So whats causing constant infections 2 infections in three weeks.

Today was bad day BUT what i did not know is stool compacting can make you feel so ill.

In my case its only bottom part of my lungs work tops middlle are trashed with holes nodlalty granuloma and asbestos.

Today my sats was droping to low 90 and i thought was going to die as felt that il and dizzy.

Anyway lets just say i cleard my end trails .. and sats inproved and malise subsided.

Is a shock to find out end trail trouble compacting can effect your lung function.

Needless to say given my lose movments i was unaware compacting could and dose make you feel so ill.

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  • Pleased you are feeling better Jeff. My lung age is 114 & this is an improvement. I wonder how they know what the average lung age of a person of 114 is? I do know I won't see too many people of 114 walking about Trentham tomorrow. Take care Margaret x

  • That is very good question ... av not seen to many 114 year olds nocking bout eather.

    I think it's based on math % and few shakes of the beads .. That accepctible dieases leval doctors like talking but not talking to us about.

    Mean age stuff.

    Anyway great question answer :)

  • Good to know you are feeling better today, Daz....whichever way you got there!

    All the best

    Tee x

  • Quite a embarrassing relief :)

    Thanks again

  • I've noticed that as well. I get severe constipation too. The impactation seems to push my stomach up causing pressure on my diaphragm and makes me feel short of breath.

    The Doctor said it is aggravating my reflux as well. xx

  • I did post on stomach reflux lung disease .. Defo causes reflux but I was talking to me gf and our bowls do run across bottom of our lungs.

    Bet this quite few lung disease suffers with IBS compacting and reflux caused by meds and or condition doctors have never warned em about.

    Seem's we are always last to know BUT first to suffer.

  • I did wonder myself if our bowels run under our ribs !!! Thanks for confirming it. x

  • This few issues .. Our stomach and lung dieses and barrel chest causes free air gap next to our stomach .. Our bowls push into free space "IBS" reflux then that causes bowls to be squashed and pain near stomach.

    That's why more women suffer IBS reflux constipation lung disease as when the have babies all that is set in motion threw space being made for baby SORRY guys we suffer from being mucky or having rank jobs.

    Anyway have a squeeze of your stomach "not Hard tho".

    Or bowls I think run to appendix or vice versa BUT given bowls push up next to stomach that causes constipation and or compacting then they fill and give lungs sack a squash.

    That's what I think happens BUT if we knew we could all take something to ease movements suffers or none suffers.

    And am not talking bout laxatives as there bad more natural remady.

  • I found that weird too but apparently our bowel function has alot to do with our brain and other functions. When my friend was hospitilized they gave her Lactolouse everyday, who would have thought the bottom controls the top :)

  • oops sorry for those who dont know Lactolouse is a strong laxative, maybe to combat the pain killers, she had a very bad liver of course from drinking. The smoking didnt get her but the drinking did and because she didnt have instructions as to her wishes they kept zapping her back putting her on and off ventillators for months to me it was a crime. They should have let her go the first time her heart stopped but the hospital was under law because she didnt have a power of attorney or her wishes documented. I watched my best friend exist on tubes not live life as I knew her too.

    Now she is in heaven watching me live through hell, lol I say just wait Ill be there someday I hope.

  • Well things seem to be on the up for you JAS, at least for now. Having problems with constipation or such like can be very bad for you so try and keep things going smoothly if you know what I mean.

    You take care. xxxxx

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