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Out of breathe

Today, I went for my blood test at the local hospital as I'm having problems with my blood not clotting and when I cut myself its like a major accident.

Anyhow I got to town early (bus not late for once) and decided to not take the long easy route but to walk the short hilly route. Well I did it but my breathing was awful. I've been trying to tell my doctor that I need a stronger inhaler but to no avail so it looks like I'll have to take the easier route in future.

I'm fed up asking for help and not getting it, I tried to get something for my Bronchietasis as the build up of mucus has got worse. I drink more which helps a bit but I'm going to the toilet more.

What can I do to get some help??? Sorry for waffling.

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Hi Bentleyboo, I too have bronchiectasis so here are the considerations. Have you seen your consultant lately? If not, that is the first thing to get organised so that you can be tested to find out if you need a change of treatment or antibiotics and your GP informed what to give you.

It could be an exacerbation ( infection) which needs high strength abs of the right sort to tackle the particular bug that is in there. For at least 14 days.

Are you clearing your lungs every day in an organised way. This really is important.

I hope that this gives you an idea of which direction to take. You cannot just keep struggling along because with bronchiectasis we slowly slide down the tree if we do not get the right treatment. Do let us know how you get on.

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Hello. I don't have Bronchietasis so I can't give you any good advice. It looks like Stillstanding has. 👍

I just wanted to say good on you for trying to take the harder route. You were trying to challenge yourself. I think that's brave. Well done. Having said that please do take it easy and take things at your own pace.

I really hope you get some help soon.

Sending happy thoughts.

Cas ☀🌷🍀


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