trip out to Norwich City

today i went out for the 1st time this year other than a hospital appointment and 2 doctors appointments. I found the city to be a bit of a nightmare, went into chaplefields car park parked in the disabled bays. couldn't find our way round to the shops not realizing you had to go through the big ships to get to the small shops. even though I have a blue badge you still have to pay for the car park. Norwich council are a total ripe off when it comes to Blue Badges. London borough of hillingdon charge £2 for a blue badge and you don't have to pay to use their car parks, Norwich is £10 and have to pay for the car parks .

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An outing! - well done, but they always turn out to be harder than they should be. Hope you managed some shopping.

Blue badges in Devon are free, but you do have to pay for some car parks. Another of the postcode lottery things.

It will be easier next time, Hope you're having a cuppa with your feet up. Sue x

the only thing we bought was my favorite eau de parfum Paloma Picasso now I smell sweet lol xx

The only thing? - if it's your favourite you made a good choice. A treat to lift you, and well deserved.

And I think I got it wrong about free blue badges in Devon. . . sorry! x

Great that you managed to get out and about though. xxxxx

Thank you Sassy its just that it takes so long for me shower and get dress then i feel warn out befor i start. lucky Hubby comes and carries my oxygen bottle to the car. as its heavy for me to lift

I love Norwich Joyce but have not been for a few years. I think it is tiring there as the shops are over a large area and some are a bit on a hill. Well done on getting out though. Enjoy your perfume. X

We went to that shopping centre as my husband had been with one of my daughters when she came up to visit and that car park is the nearest one to our side of Norwich but we live 15 Miles from centre of Norwich

What a shame you didn't enjoy your outing Joyce, I go to Norwich quite often, park on Chapelfield. I hire a mobility scooter there, it costs about £3, and they stamp your parking ticket, so it's cheaper to hire a scooter and park than just park! Worth a thought. Take care S xx

I have my own scooter which fits in the back of my car. I have a hoist fitted. I said to my husband about going to mobility to get the ticket stamped but I think he had enough by then

Hello Joyce. I'm glad you went out even though it was a tad disappointing. I'm coughing so badly atm and wish I could just get a little sunshine.

Take good care!

Cas xx 🎵

I get days like that and drink honey with lemon and hit water it seems to help


sorry should read hot water

In some areas you can park on some double yellow lines with your Blue Badge - check your booklet for exclusions. Obviously this doesn't cost, and can get you nearer the shops.

In Colchester, my nearest town, we can park behind the High Street and it's only a few minutes walk from M&S, Debenhams and other main stores which makes life much easier

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