Hi Everyone Yesterday I had my annual check-up with the asthma nurse. A very nice lady who tends to want to chat a lot - even admired my hairstyle and asked where I had my hair done! Well now, she still insists that I don't have COPD, only asthma. Doctor says otherwise. My body believes the doctor as having had asthma in the past it only lasted a few minutes after inhaling ventilin and resting for a few minutes. What I have now is there all the time. Let me know what you think.

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Hi Sherry, I'm not experienced in medical matters but I was under the impression that you can't diagnose Copd just from a spirometry test.

You should have a Peak flow test to confirm you have COPD and not asthma, you may be asked to take regular measurements of your breathing using a peak flow meter, at different times over several days. The peak flow meter measures how fast you can breathe out.

Maybe a chest X-ray will be done as well.

Perhaps you could make an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns. If you have copd you should be prescribed inhalers to treat your condition.

Take care & enjoy your day ๐ŸŒบ

Thanks Jessy. I have had all these tests plus a chest X-ray which confirmed the COPD. I generally feel as well as possible but am unable to walk too far. Chest not too bad, but backache starts up. I think the latter is just due to old age. Press on!

Hi, glad to hear you're doing not too bad. ๐Ÿ‘ You've had all the tests & your GP confirmed you have COPD, so I'm wondering why the nurse says you've not got it, strange ๐Ÿค”.

As long as you have meds & you feel ok & can get about reasonably well, then that's all that matters. Take care ๐ŸŒท

Hi Jessy that is not quite right. Copd is usually diagnosed from a spirometry test and a chest X-ray should follow to confirm.

The peak and flow test is used to measure asthma symptoms and not copd.

Having said that in borderline cases it can be very difficult to distinguish between asthma and copd as many of the symptoms are the same.

In my case I had asthma for many years, then I had a spirometry and it confimed the presence of copd as well. But when I got better inhalers for it my lung function went up and the nurse said I was out of the copd range then and it was probably poorly controlled asthma which had caused the results.

I now do have mild copd though.

Sherry it sounds like your situation and you are most likely on the borderline. It's not great to have copd but it is to be diagnosed early as there is a lot you can do to stop it progressing much if at all. With a healthy lifestyle you can keep it at the mild stage for many years. Bear in mind though that with age the lung function does decline a bit naturally.

I have said this before on here and will say it again. My doctor said at my age (56 when diagnosed - am 62 now) then not to worry about it so much as something else would get me first ie old age! x

Copied from NHS website

Peak flow test

To confirm you have COPD and not asthma, you may be asked to take regular measurements of your breathing using a peak flow meter, at different times over several days. The peak flow meter measures how fast you can breathe out.

Yes peak and flow can help determine the difference between asthma and other lung problems, but it can't determine the presence of copd and only indicates that it is something more than asthma. Nor is it as accurate as determining your lung function as a spirometry test which does both. x

I stand corrected ๐ŸŒบ

Oh Jessy not having a go at you chuck! You knows I luv ya dearly :) I will never forget your support of me when I needed it. You are a lovely lovely person and I hope we are still mates. Lots of hugs Bev xx

Oh gosh Bev, of course we're still mates! Absolutely, no question! I don't mind admitting if I got it wrong but I really thought my advice was sound.

Absolutely no hard feelings Bev. ๐Ÿ’ Bunch of flowers for you.

Correct, coughalot. COPD cannot be diagnosed using a Peak Flow meter; spirometry and X-ray are the methods used. And Jessy is right in saying a Peak Flow is often used to eliminate Asthma as a diagnosis. I reckon we could run a clinic between us with the knowledge we have picked up along the way! :)

Thanks coughalot. I have mild COPD, but nurse still thinks it's asthma. As you say, a thin borderline. I am 83 still not out. Will probably die of old age! Feel like it sometime when rheumatism kicks in. But I have bn lucky to have lived so long.

Hello Sherry,

I think I'd be wanting a few more tests done before the diagnosis is made definite.

I had 2 previous X-ray done on lungs showed some scarring doctor sent me 6 months later for ct scan that showed copd 3/4 both my lungs best we a ct scan id say x

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