newbie here

hello everyone. i am a 49 year old man diagnosed with early stage copd 2 years ago.

i origanally stopped smoking for 13 months and in september last year started foolishly to smoke again.

as of 28th march this year i have stopped again and up untill last week was using patches but now i am comfortable with my quit without them, i look forward to reading all your posts.

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  • Welcome to you Andrew.

    Congratulations on stopping smoking. As you know it's the best possible thing you can do if you've got COPD.

    Looking forward to hearing more about you, so please join in our 'chats' 🌷

  • Hi Andrew welcome to the group. It took me quite a few attempts to finally stop. Everyone is different. I too have COPD but mine is severe . But I don't let it controle my. life you have done the right thing stopping slows down the progression. If you need help just ask the people on here are very helpful take care x

  • Welcome Andrew and well done for giving up the fags. Look forward to your posts.

    Kim x

  • Hi Andrew and welcome to the site.

    I was diagnosed at the age of 42 11 years ago now I quit with champix hardest thing I have ever done so well done I feel loads better for quitting

  • Hello Andrew, nice to meet you.

    Well done for giving up is hard work! Don't forget the patches are still there if you feel tempted again!

    Tee x

  • Welcome Andrew.

    The best thing you have ever done - we know how flipping hard it was - 50 years a smoker -I had umpteen tries at it before succeeding. You can move forward now without that frantic search for cigarettes and lighter. Your lungs will be clearing, so many good things now for you. This is certainly the place to be for everything that can help and encourage you- just ask :-)

  • Hello mate and welcome

    Well done for giving up the fags .Sixteen months for me now and I was a on forty a day ,stick at it ,it will get easier . Allen

  • Hi Andrew,

    Foolish? Mate almost every one of us were smokers ... not easy to judge anyone after that!

    Well done - you're welcome to follow my example and, as I was a heavy smoker it cost a Kings Ransom in fags, now you don't have to buy them just spend the money on things you enjoy! Look forward to you joining in the posts.

    Take it easy

  • Well done. A lot of people here say it is the hardest thing they have done BUT massively necessary. It is the biggest step you can take to help yourself and to stabilise your condition. You will get lots of help, support and info here. Great bunch of people.

    K xxx

  • Hello Andrew. I am fairly newish here too and it's really been a great help to me. I hear that quitting smoking is extremely difficult so WELL DONE YOU!!

    Hope you had a good day.

    Cas 😃

  • Well done Andrew. You are doing amazing , It does get easier, Honestly ! LOL I was a sixty a day smoker . I gave up three years ago after being Diagnosed with COPD . I have seen a huge improvement in my breathing. No more bad chest infections in winter either . Good luck . Gail

  • Flippin' 'eck Gail, on 40 a ay I thought I was on the leader board .... against you I think I was just a beginner!! Well done on your giving up - that must have been tough.

  • I've definitely took your title LOL I don't know about you being a beginner though LOL. Thanks, Well done to you too. To be honest it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

  • [this is a secret post that no one else can read!]

    Like you I found it really easy - I just woke up on Saturday morning and thought "I'm fed up of smoking" ... and stopped!

    My wife took another three years to stop but I never felt the urge to have another one. Just wish I'd not been diagnosed with the damn COPD after stopping (would have felt better if it had been found before I stopped ... would have been a good excuse for stopping.

    That's it - if it wasn't secret I think a few might have been a bit jealous of us!

    [remove the invisibility cloak]

  • Good for you. Your wife has done really well too ! It takes everyone their own time to quit. The most important thing is staying off the cigs.

  • Hi nice to meet you. If you do find it difficult to keep off the fags there is a quit site on here which is great. x

  • Well done on giving up smoking; it can be challenging.x

  • Just wanted to say hi and welcome! Oh and well done for giving up smoking. Xx

  • Hello Andrew66, welcome to the site. Well done with the quitting. It took me about three attempts now I have been a none smoker for over ten years. Look forward to many future chats when you get used to us all.

  • Hi , welcome to our friendly group ,

    I was admitted to Icu with asthma /chest infection that was in November 1992 ,,,,when I was taken of the breathing apperatus and well enough to understand what had happened m,,,the consultant asked me if I smoked ,,,,yes I replied ,,,,wrong answer he said ,, the next one will kill you ,,,,,I never had another cigarette,,,,I wrote his words "" the next one will kill you " on a piece of paper and kept it with me for ages ,,just to remind me ,,,,I'm now aged 70 and happy to be here thanks to his words ,,,,

    Im hoping you've been referred to pulmary rehab by your GP ,, if not ,,,may I suggest you ask for a referral ,it's education about your health ,how to manage your condition and medication and light exersise and the benefits from exersise ,,,

    Well done for stopping the dreaded cigarettes ,you've done the,,,,, first thing to help your health ,,,,,and the best thing ,

    Good luck ,

  • Very well said, I gave up 2003 2 years after being diagnosed with COPD in 2001.It took a brain hermeridge to make me stop. Can't bare the smell of them any more.I have been on oxygen for the past 5 years. My advice to anybody don't start . Good Luck to every one who have stopped and be brave to those that have not.

  • andrew66 welcome to the site you just have to keep trying well done for stopping again.

  • thankyou to everybody who has responded to my post, i look forward to your support in relation to copd and any support i can give back to the group in any way i can .

  • Well done, how many of us foolish people are still smoking ?

  • Hello, Andrew. Welcome. Congratulations from me too. Look after yourself, Sue.

  • Hi Andrew. good on you for packing in smoking. If you feel yourself falling off the wagon please don't "light up" - an e-cig will satisfy your nicotine cravings without any of the tarry muck that irritates respiratory disease. I gave up more than six years ago using one after 60 years of a pack a day; if I hadn't I wouldn't have been typing this now!

  • Hi Andrew It would be interesting to hear how your lung function improves now you have given up the cigs. Well done. I found it difficult to stop many times but hopefully I can stay "clean"

  • Hi Andrew,

    I am a 'newbie' as well - I joined this forum last weekend and have found everyone so encouraging, helpful and very knowledgeable. You can learn so much from other - doctors seems to keep us in the dark a little.

    I, like you was a smoker - Over a course of about 8 years gave up, started, etc., we all know the pattern - when I was diagnosed with COPD, emph, & lung cancer part of me thought "oh well, I may as smoke, something is going to get me! but sense kicked in - I gave up with the patches - but I still have a drawer full, just in case. I do often get 'craving' but I still have the lozengers in my bag. Not quite so easy to get up & go & do something else nowadays but hopefully that will gradually improve with breathing correctly, and so much support from the kind & caring people on this site.

    On Monday I start going to a breathing/exercise class - your GP or hospital can refer you to these. unfortunately you do have to be referred by a health professional.

    You Tube offer lots of different help as well.

    Well done for giving up the fags - a major achievement.

  • Good luck with your breathing classes ,I know how they benefited me ,and still do ,

  • good luck. wish I were as strong

  • andrew sweetheart try and give up its mnearly killed me i cant walk oxogen piped in cant make cup of tea hardly quit while you are ahead i would hate any one tio go through what i did phneminia ten days in hospital first two days knew nothing give up hun please

  • Congrats Andrew-the Quit Support arm of Health Unlocked offers brilliant support if you're struggling at any point. Much love Poll X

  • I stopped smoking many times before I "QUIT" smoking. I had not had a cigarette in about 18 months and although the desire wasn't as great as it was at first, I still wanted a cigarette at times. I fought the urge. There were times when I would see my husband smoke and I felt as if I could almost eat a cigarette. Several months ago I took a draw from my husbands cigarette. He began to tell me how I was going to be "hooked" again. That one puff took away my craving for weeks. When it came back I took another puff. So far this has worked for me. I haven't started back to my habit of 50 years. People will say, "you don't have the habit as bad as me or you couldn't quit." That's bull. It's hard on us all when we make the decision. I would rather smoke than eat then. It was my after dinner, my morning coffee, my relaxer, my "friend." I had to quit. Choose between smoking and love of my family. I have developed COPD, congestive heart failure, and blood cancer. I really do see a huge difference since I quit, but it took a while before I did, so don't get discouraged. Good luck.

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