Hi to everyone out there !

A little about myself. I'm a retired nurse who didn't take her own advice, I now have COPD, as well as Peripheral vascular disease (PVD). My PVD is now so bad I am wheelchair bound. You'd think with my medical knowledge I'd have taken better care of myself lols. My moto onwards and upwards, I might well be classed as disabled but it doesn't stop me from living my life

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A very warm welcome Jules! Hope you enjoy being a member of our 'family' πŸ˜€ Feel free to ask us anything & we will try our best to help you. Hopefully with your medical expertise you can advise us as well πŸ€”

Aw thank you. Love to help where ever I can.

With new drugs think its always best for em to of ironed out the bugs.

Have noticed this few fda warning's re description BUT if works for you why not.

My doctor give me new inhaler spirivar respimat but am unsure if i can take my steroid qvar dip inhaler.

My gp said yes SO i had blast and nearly floored me SO going to wait till i see lung doc.

Hope it works tho and you have no problems.

Evening Daz/JAS

Was this reply of yours meant for Nottobad? Or have you been puffing too hard on your new inhaler πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Tee x

Bit both really .. everything is messed up with inhalers.

Only good thing is new inhaler works good but no good if geting more infections.

Two infections in three weeks.

Think we should do record post

Gosh @Tee penny as just droped .. Theres me thinking am ok.

Guess thats how i parked on junction of hospital.

Thanks for heads up :)


Warm welcome from me too Jules. I don't have the knowledge that the other great members have on here. I have moderate copd.

I can offer my friendship and a shoulder to lean on if that will do :-)

Aw thank you that is so kind. I might have the medical knowledge about these awful diseases but finding a way to cope and manage them is a whole other ball game. So be prepared I might ask some stupid questions lol

Do you mind me asking what department did you nurse in? 🌸

I worked in vascular rehabilitation.

Thank you. So you'll actually know quite a bit about your illness. Take care & hope you join in with us. 🌷

heh heh...I have to tread carefully , for I may give you some equally stupid answers - best leave it to the experts on here:-D

Hello Jules, nice to meet you.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we took our own advice...I certainly should have!! πŸ˜„

Welcome to the forum.

Tee x

Oh definitely. I remind myself regularly how stupid I am

Welcome Jules, glad to hear your so upbeat. Look forward to your posts.

Kim xxx

good for you! we've all failed to listen to our own advice at one time or another but hey ho! make yourself at home and enjoy the ride xx

Hello Jules. So glad you're here. I love your spirit and motto. Could do with a bit of your spunk myself!! πŸ˜ƒ This is a wonderful forum and I get so much from being here and you will too!!

Hope you are doing well.

Cas xx 🌼

How are you feeling today Cas? 🌷

Very wheezy and coughy I'm afraid. Need to have a bath because I think I smell like blue cheese. 😒Am hyping myself up to do it!! If only I can stop coughing for a minute.

Thanks for asking!!


Poor you πŸ€’ Hope you feel better after your bath. Then just get cosy in your bed & hopefully you'll have a good sleep 😴

It will definitely make me feel better!! Thanks Jes. xx

Good on you keep going as i am disable wheelchair copd and a few things on top but like you i will not stop or give in to any of my illness at all like i tell the wife when he wants me he knows were i am good luck to you

Hi Jules nice to meet you. Oh if only we had taken the advice we were given hey? We all beat ourselves up sometimes so join the club. x

Hi Jules and welcome, we all seem to have if onlies, but we can still have a very good quality of life even with Copd! Xx

Hi Jules, nice to hear from you. Hope you are looking after yourself now. Glad to hear you do live life to the full, me too thank goodness I am not in a wheelchair yet but some days I feel I need one :) :) . Take care and enjoy life best you can x

Hi Jules, Welcome from me too. You won't have time to do anything else now you've found this site. You'll have lots to offer as well as questions to ask.

I like your positive attitude, but don't beat yourself up about not having done the 'right' things . You're not the only one!! And remember all those doctors who used to puff away between seeing patients?!

Be well, Sue x

Welcome Jules, remember when you are beating yourself up, there were aggressive marketing campaigns going on. It was considered cool to smoke, cigarettes were like a fashion accessory. In previous centuries, gin and rum were very popular. Even children drank it. There is terrible pollution now, toxic clouds and chemtrails. I wish governments would do something about them. Demonising one product only, helps nobody.

Hi Jules,

Big welcome to you! I too was a nurse, and since COPD diagnosis 13 years ago have done everything I can to ensure that the remaining lung function I have works as well as I can make it happen.

Such a shame you have PYD as well tho! One thing would have been enough to deal with!

Hope you find this forum helpful ? And there is a great Facebook page, ( not BLF LINKED) it is called COPD UK. I find that very supportive as well.

Love your postive attitude, do keep in touch.

Hope your day is wonderful.


Welcome to the site, Jules. I see you have met many of our family already. What a wonderful group of people. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned, from here. It's a very friendly site, with more then just copd talk. We have pets, jokes, music and more. I consider these good people my friends. You sound like a lovely lady, that we'll all enjoy getting to know.😊 Rubyxx

Greetings and welcome. Snap ......job and copd wise. ...... went along thinking it would not happen to me ! .....Anyway you will find a great bunch of lovely folk on here and very knowledgeable.


Hi Jules,

Welcome to this wonderful forum where you can chat away to fellow sufferers who will never condem you. What's done is done. I am sure we will all be asking you questions as time goes by! I am not wheelchair bound yet, but I can see it coming - maybe we should have a race one day!

Absolutely love your happy outlook on life - long may it continue.

look forward to chatting soon.

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