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Hope for others out there 😀

Just wanted to give some positive feedback on PIP process, there are so many horror stories out there, I myself have been fearing the worst......I joined here a few weeks ago and only made one post but visit the site most days to read your stories....

I have Stage 3 COPD / Emphysema and until Feb of this year was working full time as a Carer in a Nursing home for people with Dementia and other needs. Because I was working I didn't know that I could have been entitled to any benefits so just plodded on, things came to a head when i came close to collapsing at work and was sent to hospital by my Nurse Manager, that was Feb this year, after speaking to a friend I was advised to apply for PIP.....this is how it went....

15th March - made claim on phone, received claim forms couple days later.

21st March - returned forms.

Hadn't heard anymore so rang DWP on 2nd May (approx 6 weeks later), they gave me ATOS number to ring about assessment, ATOS offered me immediate appointment for Sat 7th May.

Went to my assessment filled with dread and fear after reading so many many horror stories....lady couldn't have been any nicer and had a full understanding of difficulties faced with my condition, I was in and out in 30 minutes and it was more like a friendly chat rather than an inquisition, don't get me wrong, my SOB was really bad and I got really upset & distressed at times when talking about not being able to do my job, going out (or not going out) having to rely on friends & family for help etc.

Any way I came out of Assessment still worried that it was too quick and as she hadn't asked me to do any physical "tests" or asked me specific questions that were on the forms I was fearful that I would be refused my claim.

Well, it's been 1 week since my assessment and I received a text this morning to say I had qualified for PIP and will receive a letter within 2 weeks.....I rang them to ask if they could tell me on phone which part/rate .....

I've been awarded full rate, enhanced for both Mobility and Care, to be reviewed in 2026!!!

I am so relieved and so so so happy, can't believe it, after all the worrying it's all over!

Full process from beginning claim to being awarded has taken 8 weeks.....really quick going by the stories I've read both here and other sites,

So have hope folks....stay wasn't the nightmare I was expecting and just wanted to share that with anyone who is going through the process at the moment.

Take care of yourselves.

M xxxx

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I'm so pleased for you M. What wonderful news. I think this will encourage other people out there.

Best wishes,

Cas xx

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Thank you Cas, I hope so, I've no doubt that there are many many people out there worrying themselves sick about the whole process and searching the Internet (as I did) is full of only bad experience shows that's ok xxx


Thank you SO much for this. I am currently waiting for forms to arrive and am dreading completing them. I will go to CAB for assistance but even so am worried about it. I had DLA and hate the way I have to "jump through more hoops" to organise PIP... especially with such horror stories around.

Thank you again.

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That's great news, well done, a big weight off your mind. Xx


Good result, just shows that there are some nice people working in the system and not all are monsters!.

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That is great news!,,, My experience mirrors your almost exactly, a very smooth process with a positive outcome. Makes a pleasant change from all the gloom and doom merchants telling new claimants to prepare for despair.

I remember I rang to see when my assessment date was likely to be and the lady said " Well I have a space free tomorrow near you if that is any use? "

Cannot ask for more than that.... So pleased yours went so well too.!

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Very good news - excellent result.


i did it last may 10 i think i pass thier assestment i just recieved a text message too yesterday may 16 to inform that i had to wait two weeks to recieved may first payment.. the lady nurse is so nice about my interview she told if i failed you can appeal again and the last part she gave a free ride back home.


Well done. It is always nice to hear good news.



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