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quality face mask against airborne pollens etc

Hello everybody, long time no see! Though I have been busy with the broken boned missus just recently, phew, being a carer is bloody hard work, nothing I do seems to be right these days, " don't want this, don't want that, not being funny but these sandwiches are not cut small enough??" help! actually my post is about my need for a good quality face mask against pollens etc, my garden has both grass and trees so a myriad of dust and pollens seeks to choke me daily. My respiratory consultant has recommended that I take early retirement on medical grounds, and I'm happy with that to be honest, I want to enjoy some quality of life for my remaining years, and advice re masks I would be thankfull, cheers, David

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Can't advice re masks David, but good to hear your wife is keeping you on your toes! Xx


Working hard then?! I expect your wife finds it hard having to be cared for - I couldn't help but smile at your description but I know it's not easy. Broken bones will mend. Your consultant's advice sounds absolutely right - will you go for it?

Hope the pollen count drops soon, but stone seems to have an answer to all sorts of problems and you should be able to back indoor garden without choking soon.

Take care, Sue x

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Hello. I can't advise about masks. I know how hard being a carer can be. I hope she is on the mend!

I am more or less retired and I'm only in my early 40s. It has been sad for me but at the same time life is too short to spend the remainder of it slogging away. I hope that doesn't sound pompous because I know a lot of people have no choice in the matter.

Hope you're enjoying your day.

Cas 🍀


hi David ,

I too have thought about wearing a mask when in the garden , so asked my doc for advise ,

she was negative about the idea as we would not be breathing any fresher air , only breathing in the same stale stuff that we woulid be breathing out !

well that made sense I thought ,

so am saving my pennies and going to get some cake instead ! lol ,

keep well , , carol .


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