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Himself On A Mission...Molly Being Bold...And Sunshine!

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It's been another scorcher here today...this does take some getting used to after a perfectly foul wet winter...so I've taken full advantage today and sat about doing nothing much other than read and listen to the Cuckoo...very good for the osteoporosis is sunshine.

Himself has been beavering away indoors...he's really on a roll at the moment...today's assignment was to paint one of the bathroom walls...just the one mind you...and to tile the bathroom windowsills. I did venture to ask why just the one wall and he said 'cos that's the grubbiest...I pointed out it was certainly not grubby...but it does have a rapidly growing damp patch...that's what I meant, he said.

Unbeknown to me 'cos I was under the apple tree at the time...Molly decided to move the water bowl...she puts her paw over the edge and pulls...she moved it to the middle of the kitchen floor where Himself trod in it...not expecting it to be there...I heard the swearing though. And the slam of the back door as the mop was found...then there was more cussing...when I asked later on, that was because Molly had done her drama queen act and thrown herself to the floor right in the middle of the puddle of spilled water...

There was an irate elderly man with a pair of sodden socks...a cat who looked as though she'd been caught out in the rain and a lovely clean kitchen floor...I just wished he'd put the kettle on for a cup of tea...

Bobby has spent all day asleep...Vets tomorrow to see what she says.

I'm taking the course of anti-biotics...eating pineapple and telling myself I'll feel grand soon...which I dare say I will.

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5 Replies

Molly sounds like a cat with a keen sense of humour, possibly not always appreciated by himself - especially when the outcome means more work. Glad to hear that Bobby has he'd a more restful day, today - hope all goes well for him at the vets tomorrow. Also hope the ab's and pineapple do the trick for you, I love pineapples they're so refreshing.

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We don't have the heat back; still a cold breeze. Naughty Mollie trying himself's patience. Hope you are abit better again tomorrow & vets can do some7thing for Bobby.x


Thinking of you at the Vets today, and hoping you yourself are a bit better.


Glad to hear you are taking the full course of antibiotics, it is so easy to say I am feeling better so I don't need the rest.

Hope all goes well at the Vets.

take care

polly xx


Poor Himself with his cat-astrophy, getting wet socks. Molly was only playing.

I hope Bobby continues to have a quiet peaceful sleep without fits.

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