adult whooping cough mistanten for asthma copd exacerbation

adult whooping cough mistanten for asthma copd exacerbation

Night time coughing fits that leave you gasping for breath and exhausted could be adult whooping cough.

How many know vaccines from when younger don't protect you for life esp if you have weekend compromised immunty.

Nor did I BUT what I do know given my latest coughing fit exacerbation that it could of been whooping cough as I have had to rotate my antibiotics again to stop it.

After my last course of antibiotics my coughing fits copd exacerbation returned leavening me weakened exhausted and gasping for breath.

Only good news is there is a vaccine BUT I will be seeing my doctor about it as adult onset whooping cough given my lung disease copd infection rate is defo not funny .. and is one more thing I was never told about given state of my immunity.

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  • My nephew had whooping cough as a baby and I will never forget the sound of that awful 'whoop'.

  • Interesting. I didn't know this vaccination had a limited life. I was quite ill with whooping cough as a child & wonder if this gave me immunities from it. X

  • Me too, and like you I was wondering about the same thing.

  • JeffAjaxSmith thank you excellent info.

  • Thanks for that JAS. I remember Pete had whooping cough mentioned to him a few years back but not sure he actually had it. Very scary indeed though. You take care. xxx

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