I am an 85- year-old man, living in Florida since 1940. In 1956, I came to the town where I now live. I am married--- to a wonderful woman. We have four adult children. They are located in Jacksonville, FL; Citrus Springs, FL; Micanopy, FL and Atlanta, GA.

I have worked in personnel, tax assessment, real estate sales, and residential real estate appraising. When I was physically able my interests were: saltwater fishing and boating; building and flying model gliders and rubber-powered model airplanes. Current affairs, local and state government. I have had pulmonary fibrosis for the past four years. Supplemental oxygen 24/7

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  • Hello FullHouse, it's nice to meet you. You've certainly had a full life and must have lots of great memories! Take care, Sue.

  • Hi FullHouse just wanted to say welcome to our helpful informative and humorous site, hope to hear more from you. Xx

  • Good morning FullHouse,

    A Warm welcome to the Site. You and your wife have a good life by the sound of it, and it's lovely that your children all live in Florida and not too far away from you.

    Enjoy your time with us :-)

  • Hello. Welcome to our community.

  • Hi there Full house & welcome. Lovely your kids are near to you. I guess you have a lot to interest you politically at present. As do we with the Europe stay or leave vote next month. Take Care Margaret x

  • FullHouse welcome what a interesting life uve led and I'm sure there's more to come best wishes to you and your family x

  • Hello FullHouse

    Nice to meet you and thank you for the introduction.

    Tee x

  • Hi full house welcome to the site.

  • Hi Fullhouse! You're going to like it here, besides being very helpful, these guys are loads of fun and always teaching me something new!


  • Hi there FullHouse & BIG welcome into our HU Family.

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