Hi everyone,

Started feeling unwell this afternoon and now have pleurisy.....its agony.....have taken ibuprofen and paracetomol which has helped with the fever so I do feel slightly better.

Started out with laryngitis(again) and now a week later this. Think its viral as hubby has been unwell of late with flu/cold symptoms.

Any advice would be really is painful on moving, breathing, coughing etc!!


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Strongly suggest you seek medical advice. Pleurisy is horrible and needs antibiotics. Appreciate it is difficult due to weekend to see GP. Maybe go to walk in centre? Or phone 111?

Hope you feel better soon. But it does take time so rest as much as possible.

Happychicken sounds serious to me think you should get checked out best wishes x

Thanks for your replies.... I'll see how it goes....if no better tom will go to walk in centre


If it is Pleurisy then please don't mess about. As someone who has had it I can assure you that paracetamol or ibuprofen will not relieve the pain.

Pleurisy is the inflammation of the membrane sack that contains the lungs. As it gets worse you will not believe how painful it will become to take even a shallow breathe.

Book an appointment with a GP or go to a walk in centre (if such establishments really exist other than on tv).

If it is Pleurisy then you will get started on the treatment and if it isn't at least you will ease your mind instead of worrying.


Hi I agree with the others. If it is pleurisy then you need immediate medical attention. It's not something you can deal with yourself. If it is left it can cause further damage. Please don't take chances with your lungs. x

It can be very painful and you realy should see a Dr to make sure you get the proper treatment, don't leave it to long. More than likely a course of antibiotics will do the trick, but you cannot hope to treat it yourself,. Take care xx

See a doctor as soon as possible. Telephone 111.

I had dry pleurisy, neglected it and ended up with a pleural effusion and endocarditis. (infection round my heart)

OK....I have contacted 111 and then spoken with the OOH GP and they have said that I should go in to check if I have a chest infection for 9am.

Thanks for your support and advice


Glad you are being seen and hope you feel better soon 🙋 huff xxx

I saw the nurse practitioner who also has Bronchiectasis!! How crazy is that! She was really lovely and gave some good advice. She could hear the pleurisy and some crackles and prescribed antibiotics.

Feel better already and blessed that I met someone else with Bronchiectasis.

Thanks again for you advice,


Excellent result. Long live us Bronchies

Glad you've been seen and are on treatment. Feel better soon! x

Hi Happychicken. You really should consult your doctor. I have had pleurisy twice during my life. The first time it turned to double pneumonia. It is very painful, but nowadays antibiotics can help cure it. Don't let it go any further but get medical help a.s.a.p.

Best wishes and hope you soon get rid of this horrible illness.

Hi Haappychicken is it okay for you to take ibuprofen. I can't take them as they make me more breathless. And if you have asthma you should not take them. Thought I woul mention it incase you didn't know x

Yes I can take ibuprofen thankfully as they are a great drug....they don't affect my asthma but I think they do with some people....thanks for your concern,


Hello HappyChicken (that's a really great name!) -

Please be re-assured that Pleurisy is not infectious, it is nearly always a secondary infection following on from something else - in your case it sounds like the Laryngitis.

I've had Pleurisy 3 times and it's agony, as you rightly say. As the other Replies have said, you do need to go to your GP and get some antibiotics inside you. Rest, drink lots of fluids, a warm hot water bottle held against the side of your chest that hurts the most is soothing and of course, pain killers (your GP might prescribe something stronger).

It'll take a while to feel better; be patient. The last pleuritic attack took me 4 weeks to feel normal again, as it really knocked me back.

Look after yourself and take care.

Thanks for all your has helped having people who know what I'm talking about and know what's best to do in these situations.

I am the type of.person who will sit things out and wait to the.detriment health but I'm starting to realise that I help earlier on.

Regarding the pleurisy....the pain has gone and left me with a slight tenderness to the right lung. I'm feeling loads better... Just washed out so gonna take a.couple of days off work to recuperate.


Hi. I feel for you. I'm currently getting over pleurisy and it's horrible. I found that paracetamol or ibuprofen didn't help with the pain, it only seems to settle once the antibiotics kicked in.

I would see your doctor, it may be a bacterial infection which would require antibiotics.

Take care. X

Hi I too am just getting over pleurisy. The pain was really bad. Ended up on a/b and co-codamol for it. I don't know about others who have had it but I am exhausted all the time. I have had to work through out my episode and have found I am falling asleep all the time when I get some me time. Can be sitting watching TV and wham next thing I know I'm waking up hours later. Hope u feel better soon . And rest up.

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