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Beconase and IPF

Hi all I'm 30 and have IPF but at the moment I'm struggling with my right ear, Ive seen a specialist and she said I have a blocked eustatian tube in my right ear she said I could use beconase decongestant nasal spray to resolve the problem however I'm concerned if I use it its going to cause problems for my IPF, has anyone got experience of using this and had issues or no issues

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I had no issues with it, it's pretty mild as far as steroid nasal sprays go. I don't know, but I doubt a nasal spray will affect your IPF?


Hi ejbid, 

I have not have earache since I was very small, but, the pain from it is etched on my brain, so you have my fullest sympathy. I too have IPF (on oxygen) and have used Beconase, before and after diagnosis. 

I had a problem with my sinuses, bunged up and runny nose, hayfever like symtoms, but, December (2014) is not really known for hayfever in the UK. It certainly helped to dry up the moisture in the sinuses, by solidifying the secretions. 

 I found I didn't need it during the summer and it wasn't until, October 2015, after I was diagnosed with IPF that I tried it again. This time again it seemed to do the job, HOWEVER, it seemed to solidify the mucus in the top of my mouth and and restricted my breathing and I lost a large sense of taste. Stopped using it after 2 days, things returned to "normal" (cough and runny nose).

Beconase did not seem to affect my Oximeter oxygen readings, so it did not seem to directly affect my IPF.

So, I think it will be a very personal thing and a case of trying it and see what happens. My GP has now prescribed Fluticason-Propionaat. Seems to do a similar job, but, without the problem of the loss of taste.

One thing that does seem to have helped me, is using steam, not sure if it will help with the earache, but, might be worth investigating.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the earache.



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